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Nutcakes in Caleefornya (+bonus: an IQ trivia question!)

Get this — if you live in any urban / suburban area you’ve probably seen kids dancing around with a sign reading “Caesar’s Pizza = $5” . . . or perhaps somebody dressed up like the statue of liberty during tax season, holding a sign for Liberty Tax Service.  Sometimes the person holding that tax service sign is someone dressed as Uncle Sam.

Personally, I think it’s great. Something to smile at, actually. Here’s a kid with his iPod cranked up to 12 dancing around with a sign for Caesar’s Pizza.  He’s having fun, he’s making money, and store is probably selling more pizzas.  Or, in the case of Lady Liberty, here’s a person reminding me it’s tax time!

Liberty Tax Service But you won’t see these folks anymore in family-friendly Poway, Caleefornya anymore.  Seems that Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam were doing their annual stand-on-the-corner-with-a-sign routine, and someone complained that their presence was a “traffic hazard.”

No accidents had occurred.  No fender benders.  No bumper thumpers.  Not even any black  tire skids appearing on the road from people trying to stop.  But someone goes whining to city hall, and they passed a law making it illegal to hold signs on sidewalks because they create “traffic hazards.”

WABOS.  (for the uninitiated, that stands for What A Bunch Of S***).

Here’s what I think happened:  Some influential guy who runs an H&R Block nearby was losing a lot of business to Liberty Tax Service, so he pulled in some favors down at city hall.

With no accidents occurring, why should we think differently? Follow the money.  Some stuffy tax preparation service (who sees themselves as above putting someone in an Uncle Sam costume) is losing business to another company that’s taking the initiative to get out and bring in business.

WABOS.  Next thing you know it will be a crime to fart there in Poway because you’ll be endangering the environment.

By the way, here’s a quick quiz to determine your Caleefornya IQ:
Q.  What do you put on a Caleefornya pizza?

A.  Fruits and nuts.


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Police state becomes a reality

To all the naysayers who said, “That will never happen,” guess what? It happened.

So, naysayers, how ignorant do you look now? What lame excuse do you have? How do you weasel out of this?

The answers are “Very,” “None,” and “You can’t.”

When people said “watch out – the government is going to take your kids if you don’t enroll them in public, er, rather, government schools, I mean indoctrination campuses,” you scoffed, even mocked, and said, “that will never happen.”

Ostriches, all of you.

Please consider this: You like chocolate ice cream. Your spouse likes chocolate ice cream. And, your kids, being the sponges that they are, ALSO like chocolate ice cream.

Or maybe you like fast red cars. And your spouse likes fast red cars. Is it so strange that your children ALSO say they like fast red cars?

This is normal. Kids mimick their parents tastes in many things. Example #3: My daddy was a democrat, my grand-daddy was a democrat, and my great-grand-daddy was a democrat. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. I’m a democrat, too.

Don’t EVEN tell me you’ve never heard this stuff.

So why is it that a judge can say that a homeschooled teenager who expresses the same perspectives as her father is not had the chance to develop her own independent personality — and order her to a psych ward?

Why does it take fifteen police officers to come take her by force from her family?

Less than two months earlier this same family was featured in their local newspaper as being a model family. But – – their government obviously doesn’t feel like will be able to control these kids later on. They forcibly remove their fifteen year-old girl and send her to a psych ward.

And, according to the International Human Rights Group, which has been monitoring this event, the court’s decision said the well-being of the children “can only be achieved by their attendance in the public schools.”

Why not read how this compulsory school attendance affects you directly.

Hey, Ostrich naysayers — does the term ‘police state’ mean anything to you?


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Are they really going to outlaw lightbulbs?

What a crock of hypocrisy, insanity, and lunacy. I railed on the whacky extreme right the other day, but this is nuts. The ultra far left has accelerated to mach 5 so fast they’ve gone around the globe — and they could now be called communist nut cases.

It’s true what I heard when the environmental movement began to take hold twenty years ago: “Green is the new Red.”

 How long will the general population put up with this bull$#!+?  The double standards. The pseudo-science. The total intolerance by those who scream for more tolerance.

Civilized debate has not taken a back seat here. It’s not even been sent to the back of the bus; It’s been thrown OFF the bus.  It’s now lying fatally wounded at the side of the road.

Ever since the time this country was founded there has been nasty political debate, but I don’t think there’s ever been such utter lack civility in any American politcal discourse. What I hear coming from these power-hungry twisted loons is something I expect to hear between warring factions of an uncivilized barbarian world.

It’s sad that it’s come to this. And I must admit, in the past few years we’ve witnessed an acceleration of lunacy the likes of which none in our lifetime have ever seen.

It has become apparent that the religious environmentalists are ten times worse than they ever accused the religious right of being.  They not only blame every ill on anyone who has a differing opinion, they will fervently take action–illegal, if need be–to squelch them. I don’t suppose it is long before we see them forcefully oppressing dissenters while twisting the meaning of existing laws to do it — yet they will see themselves as acting righteously.

So much for their cries of “tolerance!”

 Like I said: Hypocritical, insane, intolerant lunatics. The $#!+ needs to stop, but I don’t think it will.

I once heard it said that if God does not judge this country he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. As a result of what’s been going on in this country lately, I don’t think God has it in mind to do any apologizing whatsoever. 

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The best quote ever

Driving home the other night I saw a bumper sticker that had the best quote ever.  It should be shouted from the mountain tops:

“Guns kill people in the same way that spoons make Rosie O’Donnell fat.”

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Right-Wing Whackos in Idaho

Seems that the state of Idaho has some right-wing whackos of questionable mental capacity with their heads in the sand and their feet firmly on the brakes of reality.  

A bill was recently introduced in that state to tighten up restrictions on how daycares operate.  But six Republicans on the House Health and Welfare Committee wouldn’t even let it come to a vote.

Even stranger (and perhaps more prehistoric) was when these “representatives of the people” made comments that mothers needed to stay home with their children.

But first, some tidbits from the Star-Tribune (a Jackson, Wyoming paper!):

– The bill would have set standards for health, safety, training and staffing, and required criminal history checks for day cares with as few as two unrelated children.

– Elena Rodriguez of Idaho Voices for Children testified that “The current lack of adequate standards for child care puts children at risk. That’s what we want to correct.” 

Rodriguez also stated that over 70,000 Idaho children under the age of 5 are in some form of daycare.  

My note: What is so wrong with wanting child care providers to meet at LEAST the same minimum guidelines as other states?

What follows are some of the comments attributed to some of Idaho’s State Representatives, as quoted in the Star Tribune. I’m not sure which comment from these Extreme Right-Wing Republican Ostriches are more idiotic:

 Idiotic Comment #1:  By State Rep. JoAn Wood, R-Rigby, on why the bill needed to be rejected:
  The committee heard the same information 25 years ago when she served on it.

What the _________? Dear Representative Wood:

–First, what are you still doing on the same committee you served on 25 years ago?
–Second, please enlighten us as to what made the information invalid 25 years ago.
–Third, please enlighten us on how society today resembles society from 25 years ago.

And might it be that your perspective today is just as out of step with reality as it was 25 years ago?

You also stated, “I would plead with you I think it’s working well. We just don’t see the problems there in the rural area where I am.”

Ms. Wood, the 2000 Census shows Rigby, Id. has having 2,998 people.  But the southwest corner of the state has at growing metropolitan area, does it not?   I would plead with you to turn off your reruns of Leave it to Beaver long enough to see the REAL concerns of REAL people living in a REAL 21st century.

Idiotic Comment #2: by State Rep. Tom Loertscher, R-Iona.  Actually, this ostrich had several:

“What can we do to keep mom at home?”
“There is no substitute, there is absolutely no substitute for families taking care of children.”
Loertscher also said he “cannot imagine” ever taking a child to a day-care center.

Is this the 21st Century?  Is Mr. Loertscher sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States?  You know, the document that gives RIGHTS to the people?  When Mr. Loertscher want to “keep mom at home” he’s sounding more like a member of the Taliban.

If Mr. Loertscher “cannot imagine” the need by some families to take children to daycare, then either his mind must be VERY VERY SMALL or he is living in another universe.

Someone needs to wake this man up from his Rip van Winkle slumber.  Please tell him we have color TV now and Leave it to Beaver is off the air.  I will agree that it would be really nice if we could bring back the old days, when Dad worked 9-5 and mom could stay home with the kids IF SHE WANTED. And yes, there is no substitute for families taking care of children. Maybe that’s how Mr. Loertscher grew up, and maybe he can’t imagine life any other way.

I grant him that much latitude. But I understand he’s a big boy now and as a representative of thousands of women, he needs to show them some respect.  And he needs to come to grips with the reality that some people are not as fortunate to be have a nuclear family that do all the things Mr. Loerstcher thinks are right.

I could understand it if he asked, “What can we do to help mom stay at home if she wants?”  But “what can we do to keep mom at home?”  That’s a tad sexist, sir.  Actually, it’s very sexist.

Idiotic comment #3: by State Rep. Steven Thayn, R-Emmett.

   “Being separate from your mother there’s reason to believe this could be harmful.”

Oh . . . my . . . God.

Did he really say that? 

I have so many comments I could make here, but I am not wanting to sink even further into making personal insults than I already have.

In the name of parents everywhere, you should all be ashamed. All of you who voted against this bill should be ashamed of yourselves for not creating regulation to screen people who work with children.

My question is this: What personal agenda are you hiding? Are you protecting your own sister or your own Aunt Sally who provides daycare for six of her neighbors? Do you not want Aunt Sally to “be screened” by the state?  Is THAT what this is all about?

I appears that your lack of action here is simply a lame effort to force your values on others while answering your own question, “What can we do to keep mom at home?”  You might feel all proud that you’ve forced your values on others or that you’ve kept your personal relatives from having to be screened, but at the same time you’re risking the safety of your constituents’ children.  This is extreme quackery that gives Republicans a bad name.  Please find some common sense.

First, Mr. Loertscher should apologize for his deeply offensive, sexist comments.

Second, they should reconsider that bill and bring common sense to the daycare industry in that state.

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More proof we can’t trust the White House?

If — and I do mean “if” — the allegations are true, then this ABC story is just more proof that we can’t trust what comes out of the White House.

We impeached a president because he LIED, not because he likes putting cigars in the wrong orifice.  When are these idiots going to learn that the truth is the way to go?

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Them Thai Militant Muslims are Brave, Aren’t They

If you’ve ever been to Thailand (I’ve been several times) the roads are not much to speak of. Sure, a few “freeway” type roads exist, and the cities are, well, crowded like any other city.

But many of the roads in the countryside are simply “sufficient”.  So picture yourself in a bus, which is bumbling along a road in southern Thailand.  It’s a warm humid day, and you wish you had brought something to drink with you.  Then the driver comes to a stop because there’s a fallen tree blocking the road.  You look up, see the tree, and then out of the corner of your eye  you see militant Islamists stepping out of the trees with their automatic machine guns, riddling the bus with bullets.  You hear bullets pinging through the metal, the ‘rat-tat-tat’ of the guns, the yelling, the screaming. You glance across the aisle to see two small children, one laying on the other, both with blood pouring out of holes in their bodies made just seconds earlier. You move to get down. More screams. More yelling. Chaos. Then quiet, as your own body absorbs the impact of several bullets, one of them piercing your heart, another shattering your shoulder blade, and another going straight through your skull.  The sound stops and all light starts to dim. You fight for a moment, but all in an instant you know it’s futile. You reluctantly let go as your last thought forms in your mind: “Why?” Then, with your energy totally dissipated, you close your eyes for the last time.

Nobody on the bus did anything to these men.  Nobody on the bus was armed.

The men then turn and flee into the woods.  They sure are brave, aren’t they?

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