Why Lave Sus Manos?

Why Lave Sus Manos as a pseudonym?

Because some things just need to be said, and it shouldn’t matter who says them. Some comments need to be judged on their own merit.

Lave Sus Manos (wash your hands) was chosen as a pseudonym to mock the myriad politicians who cannot seem to understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL.  They appear to have “washed their hands” of the situation, and have allowed a porous border through which flow hundreds of thousands of people, ILLEGALLY.

 As such, we Americans now have a loose-leaf lawbook. Whatever laws were created BY REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE are being arbitrarily enforced. And so I, in turn, wash my hands of these narcissistic politicians. 

From my way of living, I give respect automatically to all.  But when people show lack of integrity, unethical behavior, or fail to reciprocate respect, then trust and respect levels drop rather rapidly.

 This blog will be dedicated to my opinions.  If you care to comment, feel free, but this I reserve the right to cut off people who make total idiots of themselves.


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