Global warming? Look for yourself.

Rather than read the gazillions of opinions on both sides of the global warming debate, just take a look at a few images presented by some reputable, scientific organizations.

The first is from the University of California Museum of Paleontology / Berkeley.  This animation of continental drift over the past several million years should intrigue you.  For the extreme right wingers, don’t be bothered by the fact this is from Berekely.  For the extreme left wingers, don’t be bothered by the fact this is coming from a reputable source.

The second set of images comes from the Paleomap Project.  First I encourage you to explore the various location of the contentents from the Precambrian Period 650 million years ago through modern time.  Just scroll down a bit and click on any of the time periods listed on the left side of the page.

Then let your eyes pop out when you visit the climate page and scroll to the image at the bottom, showing earth’s temperatures since Precambrian times.  (Be sure to note where we are TODAY.)

Now – These are reputable scientific sources. If you want to argue with this data, don’t do it with me. I’m just the messenger.


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