Pesos por Pizza? Por favor!!

The Houston Chronicle has a story about that 63-store pizza chain out of
Dallas that’s decided to permanently accept pesos in payment for pizza.  

Some on the extreme right were/are calling in death threats. Now THERE’s intelligence.  (back off, I swipe at the extreme left, too).

Fact is, money is simply a medium of exchange that replaced bartering.  Any coin or paper money has a value of whatever the masses give it.  So if 63 pizzerias (granted, hardly masses) are willing to give value to pesos, LET ‘EM.   

The article says that 60% of the chain’s business is Hispanic anyway, and they’re trying to capture an even larger share of their market (those wascally capitalists!).  

What everyone seems to miss:
Here’s the catch that everyone seems to miss: If the pizza chain wants to spend those pesos in town they’ve got to convert them to dollars.  And do you know of ANY institution that doesn’t keep a few percentage points for performing that little service?

 Of course, I’m sure none of their clients or employees are “ILLEGAL ALIENS” (not that there’s anything wrong with that — cough / hack / choke), because then this pizza chain would be aiding and abetting fugitives from justice. Nawwwwww. They wouldn’t do that.

But to take pesos?  That’s perfectly legal to do, and any death threats are coming from people with tiny, tiny, tiny fields of vision.  (And perhaps equally tiny brains, as death threats are illegal, too.) 

Anyway, fire up the wood stove, boys, I’ll take one with extra sausage and bacon.  I’m thinking of raiding my bottom drawer where those pesos are collecting dust from my trip to Tijuana back in the ’80s.  Next time I’m in Dallas I might just stop in and unload those things.

(PS. Lest you think I’m just siding with my hombres, the handle is a slam, and I’m about as European as they come.)


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