Some people just need the $#!+ choked out of ’em.

In my line of work I visit companies of all sizes.  Sometimes you have to wonder how so many inept morons keep organizations afloat.

The Problem:
A fair amount of these places I visit are run by IDIOTS.   You name it: Insecure; Arrogant; Flat-out @$$holes (some of them choosing to be so for a lifestyle).

One such piece of work was not in charge of his 500-person manufacturing plant, but by God, he THOUGHT he was.  And unfortunately, he was in a position where he could make everyone’s life a living hell.

People would change instantly when he walked in a room, and morale was about as low as I’ve seen at any place I’ve ever visited.

On the few occasions I had to interact with this; this; (there is no word that describes how inhuman he was), I experienced stress – in the humorous connotation, of course.  You know:

Stress: The repressed urge to choke the living $#!+ out of some @$$hole who desperately needs it.

I almost fired this particular client because of this guy.

The Solution:
Good things come to those who wait.  His ‘influence’ was noticed by those from on high, and shall we say a bit of pressure was applied.  (wish I could have seen it).

 How happy was my day when I received an email, “Hey Lave, did you hear that $#!+head resigned?”  I was overcome with feelings of utter joy and justice at the same time. 

I printed out the email and framed it.  I even went to the corner store and bought a bottle of champagne.  (true on both counts) 

And now the world is a better place.

Okay – sure, go ahead: What’s YOUR horror story?


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