John Edwards and Fred Thompson?

Being fair to both sides of the political aisle I’ve been scoping out the various political blogs.  One has been the John Edwards blog, and then there’s the Outside the Beltway blog, on which James Joyner is touting former senator Fred Thompson for president.

 If you read these for yourself you’ll notice a decisive difference in tone. The Edwards blog sounds like it’s written by a bunch of angry, ranting “get even” people–as opposed to those who would like to make things cooperative and actually work in this country.  But that’s probably neither here nor there. 

What’s really interesting is reading the Wikipedia entries for the two men.  Read Thompson’s (linked above) and then read the entry on John Edwards

As for whose experience is better suited for the oval office, it’s pretty obvious.

And I didn’t know this until I read the bio, but not sure I want to believe someone who “just happens” to start channeling a dead girl while giving his closing arguments to a jury.  Talk about playing heart strings so he could win himself a couple million dollars in fees.

Thompson, on the other hand, had no qualms about being ethical. According to the Wikipedia entry, it was Thompson who probably sealed the fate of Richard Nixon, his own party’s president.  This is the kind of ethics we haven’t seen in a while, and it would be a breath of fresh air to see it again. Today’s lame excuses for wrong-doers in one’s own party is pathetic.

If suppose if it came down to these two as our choices on the ballot, experience wins out over beauty.


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