Pelosi Cautions Bush Not to Veto?

This NY Times story has my shaking my head.  Since when does a congressman / congresswoman start dictating to a President?  Granted, GWB is not the sharpest stick in the pile, but me thinks Ms. Pelosi is pushing the envelope of her power trip a bit much.



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2 responses to “Pelosi Cautions Bush Not to Veto?

  1. How do you get from “caution” to “dictate” ?

  2. Lave Sus Manos

    Mon ami frecklescassie,

    If Ms. Pelosi were to genuinely want to “caution” the President, if she TRULY cared about what she was claims to care about, she would do so privately.

    To do so publicly is a power play. It’s positioning. It’s her way of playing both sides of her cards. If he does as she suggests, she can publicly say “I told him to do that.”

    If he does not to as she suggests and it backfires like she thinks it might, she can say “I told him! I warned him!”

    Belied is the subtlety of the word choice. She is plainly acting on her paper throne to position herself as more knowing than — and therefore in a position to dictate to — GWB.

    I repeat: If she was TRULY concerned, she would caution him privately. We wouldn’t be reading about it as her telling him her concerns through the media.

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