Dem’s Debate on Comedy Central? Hilarious.

You gotta love (or laugh at) the extremism of it all.

People who know me know I have little empathy for the extremes of either party.  Far Right and Far Left are just to Far OUT of the mainstream.

I have to chuckle at the temper tantrum thrown by the Far Left who think Fox News is too far right, and therefore they don’t want their debates held on Fox.  Heck, if I were the Far Left, I would gobble up the chance to win over a few of those (alleged) right-wing viewers!

If anyone has taken classes on statistics (my graduate degrees were replete with them – gag) understands simple bell curves.  … Majority in the middle.  … And — the more there are of whatever is in the middle, the more “average” they are.

All one has to do is look at how many people are watching each of the cable news channels, and you can tell where the average viewer is.  By far, the numbers tell us that “average” viewer watches Fox News.  The numbers don’t lie. No way around it. 

This is my gripe with the Far Left (we’ll cover my gripes with the Far Right in other topics);  The Far Left says Fox News is “too right wing” …. but the number show us they are the average viewer.  So, according to the Far Left logic, if you are in the mainstream, if you are Middle of the Road, middle of the bell curve, etc., then you are “right wing.”

This is a perfect example of why they are called the FAR left.  It’s hilarious to view this childish behavior.

Therefore, it’s its quite befitting that the Las Vegas Review Journal editorial staff also notice the hilarity of this perspective, and suggests in their editorial that if Fox News is not the right setting for a democratic debate, then perhaps they should hold it on Comedy Central.  LMAO!


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