Court decision on gun control overlooked by media

Amazing!  A federal court strikes down a restrictive gun ownership law and the major TV news outlets fail to pick up the story (except for NBC which showed some backbone on this one).

What’s so dang silly about these ‘gun control’ laws is that when it is criminal to own a gun, only criminals will own guns.  Then what’s to keep them from storming into ANYONE’s house and waiving their gun around, threatening, robbing, raping, and you name it.

And please, no fallacies about how all guns can be removed if we just try. So long as governments are moving drugs from one country to another for black ops money, guns will be in existence to protect their produce. 

A wise old acquaintance of mine who is a retired police officer still packs.  I asked him why. He said, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

And I even heard of a town in the west that passed a law encouraging all families to own guns.  Makes sense.  A guy I know in Montana says everyone in his town owns probably twelve or more guns, and there hasn’t been a robbery in that town in many, many years.  Makes sense. Everyone knows if you break into one of those houses, you’re likely to be confronted by the barrel of some cold blue steel.

The children I know in that town ALL know how to handle a weapon with respect. They KNOW it’s not a toy, but a very serious tool. They are taught from an early age not to fear weapons, but to respect them.

 Three cheers for a federal court that can actually read and understand the US Constitution.   Three jeers to ABC and CBS for ignoring this story.


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