Them Thai Militant Muslims are Brave, Aren’t They

If you’ve ever been to Thailand (I’ve been several times) the roads are not much to speak of. Sure, a few “freeway” type roads exist, and the cities are, well, crowded like any other city.

But many of the roads in the countryside are simply “sufficient”.  So picture yourself in a bus, which is bumbling along a road in southern Thailand.  It’s a warm humid day, and you wish you had brought something to drink with you.  Then the driver comes to a stop because there’s a fallen tree blocking the road.  You look up, see the tree, and then out of the corner of your eye  you see militant Islamists stepping out of the trees with their automatic machine guns, riddling the bus with bullets.  You hear bullets pinging through the metal, the ‘rat-tat-tat’ of the guns, the yelling, the screaming. You glance across the aisle to see two small children, one laying on the other, both with blood pouring out of holes in their bodies made just seconds earlier. You move to get down. More screams. More yelling. Chaos. Then quiet, as your own body absorbs the impact of several bullets, one of them piercing your heart, another shattering your shoulder blade, and another going straight through your skull.  The sound stops and all light starts to dim. You fight for a moment, but all in an instant you know it’s futile. You reluctantly let go as your last thought forms in your mind: “Why?” Then, with your energy totally dissipated, you close your eyes for the last time.

Nobody on the bus did anything to these men.  Nobody on the bus was armed.

The men then turn and flee into the woods.  They sure are brave, aren’t they?


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