Police state becomes a reality

To all the naysayers who said, “That will never happen,” guess what? It happened.

So, naysayers, how ignorant do you look now? What lame excuse do you have? How do you weasel out of this?

The answers are “Very,” “None,” and “You can’t.”

When people said “watch out – the government is going to take your kids if you don’t enroll them in public, er, rather, government schools, I mean indoctrination campuses,” you scoffed, even mocked, and said, “that will never happen.”

Ostriches, all of you.

Please consider this: You like chocolate ice cream. Your spouse likes chocolate ice cream. And, your kids, being the sponges that they are, ALSO like chocolate ice cream.

Or maybe you like fast red cars. And your spouse likes fast red cars. Is it so strange that your children ALSO say they like fast red cars?

This is normal. Kids mimick their parents tastes in many things. Example #3: My daddy was a democrat, my grand-daddy was a democrat, and my great-grand-daddy was a democrat. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. I’m a democrat, too.

Don’t EVEN tell me you’ve never heard this stuff.

So why is it that a judge can say that a homeschooled teenager who expresses the same perspectives as her father is not had the chance to develop her own independent personality — and order her to a psych ward?

Why does it take fifteen police officers to come take her by force from her family?

Less than two months earlier this same family was featured in their local newspaper as being a model family. But – – their government obviously doesn’t feel like will be able to control these kids later on. They forcibly remove their fifteen year-old girl and send her to a psych ward.

And, according to the International Human Rights Group, which has been monitoring this event, the court’s decision said the well-being of the children “can only be achieved by their attendance in the public schools.”

Why not read how this compulsory school attendance affects you directly.

Hey, Ostrich naysayers — does the term ‘police state’ mean anything to you?



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3 responses to “Police state becomes a reality

  1. Hmm, I suppose the idea is to give the kids a chance to learn the values that are valuable to the country, not just the parents. So that children of muslim fundamentalists and grandchildren of muslim fundamentalists don’t necessarily become muslim fundamentalists, too. Rather, they should get a chance to learn the values of the American people (and there are more of them then just the parents). And, for all I care, you may also substitute muslim fundamentalists with Christian fundamentalists.

  2. Lave Sus Manos

    Ahh, Karl, Karl, so quickly you throw the red herring do you? It appears you missed the point of the post completely. Unless of course you think it proper that the police come to apprehend a fifteen year old teenage girl (fifteen police needed to apprehend one teenage girl???) simply because some judge thinks she has “school phobia.”

    And upon reading about school phobia, from everything that appeared in the police report, it doesn’t look like the girl has school phobia at all. But that I have a Master’s Degree in Education should not matter, eh? I am, after all, no psychologist under the orders of any particular government, so what would I know?

    Perhaps if the government disagrees with one of your beliefs, Senior Karl, you would think it okay for them to come apprehend one of your children? — To be placed in a psych ward? Of course, you can have the child back once you submit to the government’s position on the matter.

    By the way, I don’t chase red herring because I don’t like the way they taste. I will choose to stay on topic.

  3. You are right, I didn’t even look at this particular case, at all, because I was commenting on what you infer from it.
    In your original post you seem to be using this case to argue that this proves compulsory school attendance to be wrong.
    And I am just saying that that’s wrong. Even if this is a tragic case, the general idea is still right. And unless you collect enough individual cases amounting to 50+ percent of children harmed by compulsory school attendance, I will continue to think it right to give every child the chance to learn more than just what its parents might want it to. The influce the parents have will be strong enough, as it is, anyway.
    Btw. my father is Republican, I am a Democrat. Who’s responsible for that? My history teacher. And that’s certainly no a plot of the Bush administration (or Mr. Reagan at the time).

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