Nutcakes in Caleefornya (+bonus: an IQ trivia question!)

Get this — if you live in any urban / suburban area you’ve probably seen kids dancing around with a sign reading “Caesar’s Pizza = $5” . . . or perhaps somebody dressed up like the statue of liberty during tax season, holding a sign for Liberty Tax Service.  Sometimes the person holding that tax service sign is someone dressed as Uncle Sam.

Personally, I think it’s great. Something to smile at, actually. Here’s a kid with his iPod cranked up to 12 dancing around with a sign for Caesar’s Pizza.  He’s having fun, he’s making money, and store is probably selling more pizzas.  Or, in the case of Lady Liberty, here’s a person reminding me it’s tax time!

Liberty Tax Service But you won’t see these folks anymore in family-friendly Poway, Caleefornya anymore.  Seems that Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam were doing their annual stand-on-the-corner-with-a-sign routine, and someone complained that their presence was a “traffic hazard.”

No accidents had occurred.  No fender benders.  No bumper thumpers.  Not even any black  tire skids appearing on the road from people trying to stop.  But someone goes whining to city hall, and they passed a law making it illegal to hold signs on sidewalks because they create “traffic hazards.”

WABOS.  (for the uninitiated, that stands for What A Bunch Of S***).

Here’s what I think happened:  Some influential guy who runs an H&R Block nearby was losing a lot of business to Liberty Tax Service, so he pulled in some favors down at city hall.

With no accidents occurring, why should we think differently? Follow the money.  Some stuffy tax preparation service (who sees themselves as above putting someone in an Uncle Sam costume) is losing business to another company that’s taking the initiative to get out and bring in business.

WABOS.  Next thing you know it will be a crime to fart there in Poway because you’ll be endangering the environment.

By the way, here’s a quick quiz to determine your Caleefornya IQ:
Q.  What do you put on a Caleefornya pizza?

A.  Fruits and nuts.


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