Can I call myself a nappy-headed ho?

When I wake up in the morning I’m not necessarily the Cary Grant I thought I was when I went to bed.

My hair is usually quite messed up. Big time. At times it could be described as ‘nappy.’

Okay – I admit it . . . I could be called “nappy-headed” and it would be true.

But what about “ho?”

Since everyone seems to have a different definition for it (just compare Snoop Dog’s def v. Charlie Sheen’s def), I think I’ll make my own def:  A ho is something you use to pull weeds in the garden. And since I pull weeds in the garden, I think I qualify as a ho.

So there — Sometimes (especially on a lazy Saturday morning) I could be called a nappy-headed ho.

But here’s what I really love. A forum post from Jerseycrl72 at This young lady says this about the Imus incident:

Here’s the ugly conclusion that I draw from this: for every one person that was offended, there is one other person that actually thought this was funny. That making jokes about nappy headed ho’s was worth a chuckle. That’s why, I suspect, that NBC and CBS waited to take action. They know it too. The guy brings in ratings, and he books upper echelon “Politico” guests. (I like to call them the Sunday Morning Gassbags)

 If you follow the above link and check out her picture, jerseycrl72 doesn’t appear to be a pasty white anglo saxon protestant.  No …. she’s an attractive woman of color. Interesting, her comments, no?

But for the more ‘serious’ reader, I offer these tasty morsels:

Jason Whitlock’s column at the Kansas City Star.

Mac Johnson’s column at Human Events.



 An occasionally nappy-headed ho.


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