Was the Iraq quagmire predicted in the 1950’s?

Hmmm.  A 1950’s book entitled “American Diplomacy” by George Kennan seems to predict the current quagmire called the Iraq war:

“In the old days, wartime objectives were generally limited and practical ones, and it was common to measure the success of your military operations by the extent to which they brought you closer to your objectives. But where your objectives are moral and ideological ones and run to changing the attitudes and traditions of an entire people or the personality of a regime, then victory is probably something not to be achieved entirely by military means or indeed in any short space of time at all; and perhaps that is the source of our confusion.”

I almost feel like Kennan might have been a time traveller.  Except that all he was doing was writing common sense.  . . . Something the idiots in Washington seem to have run out of.



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