Some sick, sad truth that mainstream media ignores

I’ve never seen a twelve-year old boy take a machete and behead someone, moving the blade back and forth across a person’s throat as if using a saw.  At least I never did until I saw it on a video clip embedded in this post at Little Green Footballs.

Words cannot describe what you will see. . . what you will feel . . . after viewing this.

 The next time some FOOL idiot tries to tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, show them this video.  And then show them the comments by Muslims that follow, calling this unspeakable act a “blessed work.”

 Do not be fooled.  Islam advocates its followers adopt a capricious nature. Their own imams preach that Muslims should say “okay, peace” as long as they are in the minority or at a disadvantage.  To appear as they are blending with community around them.  Only to rise up and institute Islamic law (such as what you see on that video clip) as soon as they are able to do so victoriously.

I’ve read too much from Muslims who have decided to turn away from the violence . . . I’ve seen too many video clips of willing confessions about what really goes on behind the scenes.  We know the truth from their boastful, sick videos and from the confessions of those who have turned away from the barbarism.

They call this civilization?

I don’t know which is sadder or sicker: The fact that Islam advocates deception and barbaric, public executions committed by 12-year olds, or the fact that our mainstream media ignores it.


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