How to drive the illegals nuts . . .

Gotta love this.  If you’ve ever been tooling down the freeway over the speed limit, chances are your eyes were scanning back and forth — on the look out for the law.

It’s basic human nature — you’re breaking the law, you know it, and your antennas are up.

 So imagine what goes through the mind of Mr. and/or Mrs. Illegal when they see the border patrol ! !

Now picture yourself causing that angst without saying a word — just by wearing an official-looking border patrol ball cap.

You can buy such an animal for only $10 at this site, among others.  So you know, I make no money on this at all.  I just think it would be fun for us legal citizens to stir up the angst of Mr. and Mrs. Illegal. — Especially since our wonderful “representatives” in congress don’t seem to understand the consequences of a porous border.

Check it out — and if you get one, be sure to come back and comment about your experiences!


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