I had real hope at one time for Harry Reid . . .

In 2004, when Harry Reid became leader of the Democratic party in the Senate, I had hope. Reid was touted as a moderate. Someone who could be a bridge between the extremes of the two parties.

Alas, Señor Reid has flown so far left he’s lost his compass.

It appears that to be a leader in the Democratic party one must assume a FAR left position on all things.  WTF?  Sad.  I suppose the adage “follow the money” plays into this — It’d be my guess that somewhere along the line the REAL power brokers pulled Señor Reid aside and said, “if you want to keep this position, you will take OUR position.”

 Just read this Immigration Round Up post by Karl at the Leaning Straight Up blog  (love the pun in the title of the post).  It shows just how loony Señor Reid has become.

Some moderate.


If Senior Reid was moderate at one time, he has since fallen off the left side of the bridge.


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