Why I won’t ever, EVER live in L.A. . . . .

Yeah, I know some inner-city hospitals can be the pits.  But this story is more like the pit of hell.

 Brief scenario: A woman is on the floor of an emergency room waiting area, writhing in pain, vomiting blood.  And they just leave here there …..  for FORTY FIVE MINUTES.  When hospital employees aren’t helping and people ask some cops to help, what do these schmucks do?  They go “oh, she’s been in violation of her parole,” and they ARREST her.  She DIES while these IDIOT cops are wheeling her out to take her downdown to the police station.

If anything ever falls under the WABOS* category, this is it.

Tragedy: Two 911 calls were made by two separate people and both 911 operators blew them off because the woman “was already at a hospital.”


Thankfully, the chief medical officer of the hospital is on “ordered leave,” but people need to lose their jobs on this one. INCLUDING those dipshit cops AND those two dipshit 911 officers.

*WABOS = What a Bunch of S#!+


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One response to “Why I won’t ever, EVER live in L.A. . . . .

  1. Ouf. I had no idea parole violation was a capital offense in el Lay. NPR had a piece a couple of weeks ago on this hospital’s closure. With friends like these …

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