Wichita’s Counter-Intelligence Force

I can’t help wonder what dirt the gay lobby has on Wichita’s mayor and assistant police chief.  Why are they bending over backwards (or … maybe forwards?) for the town’s gays and lesbians?

Why, immediately after a speech by the mayor on the value of celebrating diversity, do Christian pastors get arrested for saying nothing to anyone and doing nothing but laying down on their bibles to pray?

You can bet your banana that if the gays were wanting to be present at a Christian function, they’d be given a free pass to do whatever they wanted. 

I recall seeing photographs of a pastor on his knees at a pro-life event, and a lesbian woman holding her shirt open and rubbing her bare breasts in the mans face while he prayed … with a police officer standing a mere ten feet away. The news story said the policeman DID NOTHING.

But can you believe the SIN of  a pastor saying nothing to anyone while being on the same ground as the gay/lesbian event?  The scoundrel!! </sarcasm>

What’s even stranger? It seems the far left is actually proud of their double standards.  They no longer try to hide it.  In fact, they laugh that they get away with it.

Yes, I think the gay and lesbian lobby has some dirt on the Wichita mayor (possibly here) . . . and maybe the police chief and/or his assistant, too.  They’ve certainly got them leaning over the counter for SOME reason.



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