An open letter to District Attorney Bradley Berry

August 22, 2007

Bradley Berry
District Attorney, Yamhill County
535 E. 5th Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Dear Mr. Berry,

It is with my deepest respect for the office of District Attorney that I write this letter.

If it’s true that you pressed felony sex charges against two junior high school boys for slapping female classmates on their butt;

And if it’s true that the junior high female “victims” saw the boys action as “horseplay” but felt pressured to file the reports they did;

Then you are, quite simply, an a$$hole.

Please note the actual physiology: An a$$hole is a hole. It is a void. Defecation runs through it from time to time, but when it’s not spewing forth excrement, it’s simply a void.

Do you take pride in your actions, or are you just going off the deep end?

Suffice it to say I’m sick of extremists like you. A close relative of mine served in law enforcement for over three decades, and he could never figure out if lawyers like you had a screw loose or if you just drank too much of your own ego juice.

So like I said, if what is outlined above is true, then in my most polite, friendly, and respectful tone, f___ __u. 

Lave sus Manos


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