Bradley Berry is at best an extremist – possibly a terrorist

In what Dennis Prager is calling The Age of Stupidity, the “law” is being taken to extremes. Since when do two junior high school boys spend FIVE DAYS IN JAIL for slapping the butts of female classmates?  What is the agenda of Yamhill County District Attorney Bradley Berry? What kind of extremist views does he hold?

As Prager points out, this case and the Nifong case against the Duke lacrosse players are indeed troubling. How much longer will it be until you and I are arrested because we stand on a public sidewalk and simply talk about the bible?

Equally frustrating, as pointed out at the Classically Liberal blog, is that Berry gets paid for this bizarre behavior while the parents of these boys must foot their own legal bills.

At best, Nifong and Berry are extremists. Their over-reaction belies common sense. These are DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, after all — who the hell are they afraid of? When it comes to matters of law, it’s supposed to be these guys who set the tone for common sense.

Apparently that’s not the case anymore. When people in these positions are terrorizing their constituents with such absurd exercises of power, they start looking like terrorists–and that, my fellow countrymen, is very unsettling.


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