It’s a great example of Dog-Wagging

The 1998 film Wag the Dog (starring Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, and Anne Heche, among others) shows how EASY it is to manipulate public opinion “via television.”

Well, you can watch the real thing happening on CNN this week with Christiane Amanpour’s “documentary” (aka propaganda piece) entitled “God’s Warriors.”

This is Dog Wagging at its best.

This is also cause to use one of my favorite acronyms, WABOS.

The propaganda in this series is obvious to any balanced-thinking individual.  (read what might be included in a balanced approach.)

In fact, I think this Dog Wagging is so powerful, it goes beyond propaganda.  I think the real questions ought to be: Why is Christiane prostituting herself in this manner? Who is she doing this for? And for what in return?



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4 responses to “It’s a great example of Dog-Wagging

  1. salahudin

    er, the only religion she was biased FOR was christianity… which is the only reason anyone should be protesting against her. sorry i meant learned educated, open minded individuals, not backwater spittoon using republican neocons

  2. Lave Sus Manos

    And how open-minded might you be?
    And how would you know?
    As for the insinuation, a tad presumptive, eh?

  3. salahudin

    how open minded? i’d say more than a theist.

    as for the insinuation… er… sorry about that. i thought you were someone else whose blog looks identical to yours…

    and now i’ve made a bit of an ass of myself. but anyways, i don’t think her documentary was biased in the favor of anyone except for christianity

  4. Lave Sus Manos

    I’m thinking we can probably agree to disagree.
    Here’s a fair assessment of the series.

    And, by your own admission on your own blog, you did not even view the section on Islam.

    So …. again, how would you know?

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