More extremism – 4th grader suspended for drawing a gun

Dennis Prager is right. This IS The Age of Stupidity.

Check out the story from KPHO in Phoenix.  A fourth-grader, after drawing a picture of a gun, is suspended from school for FIVE DAYS. 

Oh, wait …. the school decided to be lenient and they lowered the suspension to THREE days. How kind of them.

When does the lunacy end?  Or — is it just beginning? Sadly, I think it’s the latter.

What is Common Sense?

I am acquainted with the president of a county school board in a rather large, urban area. This person says they have a “zero tolerance” policy, but adds that it’s a COMMON SENSE zero tolerance policy.

For example, aspirin is not a controlled substance. Therefore, if a student “A” has a headache and student “B” gives student “A” some aspirin, student “B” is not going to be suspended for a narcotics violation.

Similarly, if a 13-year old boy draws a picture of a gun, in my acquaintance’s district, the boy is not going to be disciplined. He broke no rules, and common sense tells us he was not endangering anyone.

Punished for Breaking NO Rules

Yet at Payne Junior High School in the Chandler Unified School District of Phoenix, drawing a gun merits a multiple-day suspension. Why?  Was the boy aware that drawing a gun was against school policy? Shouldn’t the boy have been made aware that drawing a gun would get him suspended?

Alas, there is no rule about it. According to KPHO’s investigation, such a rule does not even exist in that school.

So — since when do rules get made up and enforced as we go along? Apparently as long as we have reactionary extremists with no common sense running the Chandler School District.

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PS. If you think this drawing might have been evil in nature and warranted a suspension, take a look for yourself.

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