Why Amerika is no longer America

The dream is gone.

 Over the last century, the elitists have been chipping away at the fiber of the American spirit. What we have now is a pile of lint. The Constitution? Mere paper. The elitists have found their ways to circumvent it.

Rule of Law? A thing of the past. Presidential Directives override laws created by Congress. Federal and state governments selectively choose which laws they will enforce–and which they will ignore.

We have students pledging allegience to the MEXICAN flag, while reciting a pledge to the US flag is deemed illegal by a US court.

We have Muslims telling us they’re going to cut off the heads of Britney Spears and Madonna if they don’t convert to Islam, and that’s okay. But we’re asking for World War III if anyone utters a bad word about Muhammed.

For example, take the Muslims killing Christians IN NIGERIA because someone IN DENMARK published a cartoon spoofing Muhammed.  We have WHACKOS defending this barbaric behavior, yet Kathy Griffin tells Jesus to “Suck it” and when people say they’re offended, she tells them to get a sense of humor. At WORST her speech is edited so the “offending” statement is not aired on Television.

We can’t have any kind of Christian prayer in school because of the “ALLEGED” separation of church and state, but now the Muslims are getting special rooms for prayer mats, are allowed to pray five times a day AT SCHOOL, and also get special accomodations for foot bathing.

We have Amerikan-based companies manufacturing their goods in Chinese sweat shops while almost all manufacturing has disappeared from between our shores–along with hundreds of thousands of jobs.

 By more than 2:1, the citizens of this country disapprove of how the President AND how Congress are doing their jobs.

We have career politicians–who make their living by grandstanding–telling a 4-star general he’s a failure, and advising him how to do his job.

We have waiters and office workers getting fired for putting themselves at risk in their attempts to save others.

You may think I’m just focusing on the negative.

In this post, yes, I am.  While I’m as positive and results-focused as can be in my day-to-day interactions, I’m also a REALIST, and I’m tired of being played as a pawn.

What do I mean? Watch this 14-minute interview with filmmaker Aaron Russo:

Amerika is no longer the America I thought I grew up in. And that’s REALLY sad.



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3 responses to “Why Amerika is no longer America

  1. phdscorpio123

    The only thing I can say is YOU ARE CORRECT. I wish more people would “wake up” to the control that’s taking my meals away from me, the “You can’t do that because some politition in washington said so” words coming from every where. And about the Muslim cartoons that were put in public view, it made me want to find as many as I could, copy them and put them all over the place. I didn’t. But I felt that way, all because they say it’s against their religion. Just like in the bible, bowing down to anything that is “man made” is against God, but “christians” do that every day. And since it’s against God, what should God do to all those that bow down to some “christian” thing? And, in a way, believing that “this cross”, cruzifix, st. Christipher, etc. will “save them”; isn’t that a form of worship? Think you.

  2. gasdocpol

    Once we put Alfred E. Newman in the White House, it was all downhill after that.

  3. Amen.
    The American dream is slowly becoming the American nightmare.

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