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Would like your impressionable teenager to sleep in a tent with a homosexual?

Hey parents!  Do you want your teenage son to be camping with a scout leader who likes boys?  As in “likes boys A LOT?”

Look at what the Boy Scouts of America do:

They’re a private, non-profit organization that keeps THOUSANDS of kids off the street and focuses them on activities that make them productive members of society.

They teach kids to be self-sacrificing for the good of their community.

They teach kids to be honorable.

Why is it that so many are trying to force the scouts to accept (read: endorse) homosexuals within their ranks?

Sad that the Philadelphia city council is trying to jack around the scouts because the scouts won’t subscribe to endorsing a homosexual lifestyle.

Let’s just call it for what it is: Extortion.

 As a refresher for those who may not understand the meaning of the term:

Extortion:  the act of getting money, etc. by threats, misuse of authority, etc.:  sometimes applied to the exaction of too high a price

In 1927 the scouts were granted permission to use Philadelphia city property for the sum total of $1 per year …. the permission was to be indefinite.  Specifically, “in perpetuity.” As in FOREVER.

But now, because the scouts won’t endorse a homosexual lifestyle, the city is voiding their agreement and jacking up the price to $200,000 per year.

Can we find a comparison?

To get a clearer perspective on this, it’s always good to find a parallel comparison.  But on something as emotionally charged as someone’s sexual drive, it’s a bit tough.  So engage your BRAIN and think for a minute:

1. The city charges the private non-profit (PNP) boy scouts an inexpensive ‘rent’ of $1-per-year.  But because the PNP scouts don’t believe they should endorse homosexuality, the city wants to jack up the scouts’ rent to $200,000-per-year.

2. A food bank is also a private non-profit. What if a community had a vegetarian food bank?  First of all, would it make sense for the local beef farmers to sue them because the food bank was discriminating against the consumption of beef? 

Second, if the city were providing $1-per-year ‘rent’ to this PNP vegetarian food bank, should the city up the rent to $200,000-per-year just because the food bank doesn’t want to carry beef products?

Thinking differently

Much talk has been offered on BOTH sides of the homosexual issue regarding genetics.  Pro-homosexual arguments say it both ways:

a) It’s not genetic, I’m just a homosexual. Why can’t you just accept me the way I am?

b) It’s genetic — God made me this way — so how can you not accept me?

Those who believe homosexuality is wrong (quoting the biblical reference “It is an abomination”) also take both views, but for different reasons.

a) He’s chosen the homosexual lifestyle, and it’s wrong.

b) It’s genetic, and it is therefore an illness.

Let’s consider the last statement: What if homosexuality IS genetic? If so, couldn’t it be an illness?

Think of it this way: When a person is born with a congenital birth defect, don’t we try to fix it?

For example, the congenital birth defect Patent Ductus Arteriosus occurs when the shunt connecting the pulmonary artery and the aortic arch fails to close after birth. When this happens, the infant can experience shortness of breath and cardiac arrhythmia — and can end up with the child experiencing congestive heart failure if uncorrected.

The good news?  It’s totally treatable!

Now, name ANY genetic defect that you wouldn’t fix if it were fixable.

My point is this:

“IF” homosexuality were genetic


“IF” it is an illness

Wouldn’t you want it fixed?

Consider other genetic conditions:

Let’s say you knew of a man who was ADHD and had Tourette’s syndrome as well as Asberger’s syndrome. His recurring thought, as observed with people who have this combination of genetic conditions, is quite probably “hurt people. Choke them to death.”

These are genetic issues! Would you let your teenage son sleep in the same tent with this man on a weekend camping trip?  Would you want such a man leading a scout troop?  Would you even let the same person in your home to visit alone with your child?

Now, use your brain (and leave your libido out of it):

If homosexuality is genetic, would you really want a homosexual person sleeping with your impressionable teenage son in a tent?

All medical possibilities aside

Let’s even take the genetic possibilities out of the picture.  Most homosexuals (not all, but an overwhelming MOST), by their own admission, enjoy multiple partners. Therefore, they do not subscribe to an “honor” code. In fact, such behavior is not self-sacrificing, it is self-indulgent.

This alone goes against what the private, non-profit scouting organization stands for.

Why would any vegetarian food bank bring someone into their leadership (and example-setting / decision-making) ranks who encourages people to eat meat?

You wouldn’t expect a city to force a PNP vegetarian food bank to bring those people into its fold. And neither should they do the same to the Boy Scouts of America.



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Barack “Ears” Obama to legislate HIS morality? No thanks.

CNN reported yesterday that ‘Ears Obama said the GOP doesn’t own faith and values. Well, no kidding. Heck, with out of control spending and the federal government trying to control everyone’s lives, today’s GOP looks like a carbon copy of the traditional Donkey Party. 

But here’s the dirty little secret: People say you can’t legislate morality? WABOS. Every piece of legislation is SOMEBODY’s morality. The question is “Who’s morality are we going to legislate?”

The CNN piece says ‘Ears Obama spoke yesterday at a South Carolina church. “He finished his brief remarks by saying, ‘We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.'”

What was that?  “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth?”

First, I love one of the comments made about the ‘Ears Obama piece, this one by Gerald in Texas: “Just have a conservative Republican speak on Sunday at a church service and all hell would break loose.”  No kidding!

Second, ‘Ears Obama needs to remember that we’re a Constitutional Republic, and there’s no allowance in our Constitution for a king. Sorry, my eager Senator. Running for President is one thing, but trying to make yourself into a king is a bit greedy.  (It’s the same reason we don’t like GWB!)

Third, I’ve been watching ‘Ears Obama positioning himself to be some kind of great visionary leader. Ba-HA!!!  He’s a parrot to what his pollsters tell him to say. I certainly don’t want King ‘Ears Obama’s morality — nor the morality of his handlers.

 Therefore, how about this, ‘Ears Obama:  How about we just keep with Thomas Jefferson’s idea of minimal government? That means that whether you’re a senator, a page in the halls of Congress, or [heaven forbid] in a higher office, just follow the Constitution and provide for the common defense of us as states. 

That’s it.

No kingdom needed. 

In fact, why not move to have Congress stop making any new laws at all for the next few years? Then you can just show up, collect your paycheck, and go home.  Wouldn’t that be great? Besides, we have enough laws on the books as it is.

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Proof that aliens exist, or just a springboard for a good joke?


Proof that Aliens exist?

This model from the Ugly Modeling Agency (thank you to the boys and girls at Reuters’ Oddly Enough desk) reminds me of a good joke:

A middle-aged man was at a bus stop, staring a young 20-something male who was sporting a rather zany, multi-colored mohawk haircut.  When the young man could no longer deal with being stared at, he brazenly blurted out, “What’s wrong old man? Haven’t you ever done anything crazy in your life?”

The middle age gentleman looked very concerned as he replied, “As a matter of fact, I have. About tweny years ago I had sex with a parrot. And I’m wondering if maybe you might be my son.”


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Yea! Bradley Berry idiocy is squelched!!

Read all about it:

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