Proof that aliens exist, or just a springboard for a good joke?


Proof that Aliens exist?

This model from the Ugly Modeling Agency (thank you to the boys and girls at Reuters’ Oddly Enough desk) reminds me of a good joke:

A middle-aged man was at a bus stop, staring a young 20-something male who was sporting a rather zany, multi-colored mohawk haircut.  When the young man could no longer deal with being stared at, he brazenly blurted out, “What’s wrong old man? Haven’t you ever done anything crazy in your life?”

The middle age gentleman looked very concerned as he replied, “As a matter of fact, I have. About tweny years ago I had sex with a parrot. And I’m wondering if maybe you might be my son.”



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2 responses to “Proof that aliens exist, or just a springboard for a good joke?

  1. Lave Sus Manos

    Oops. Sorry to all you aliens out there if I insulted you with this. No offense intended.

  2. Lave Sus Manos

    Clarification: Apology is intended for space aliens only. If you’re an illegal alien — that is, living in the United States and you didn’t sign the guest book on the way in — I don’t give a shit if you feel insulted by this comparison.

    Oh, and for all those who might think me a racist, GET A CLUE. I’m ALL FOR immigration. What part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

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