Barack “Ears” Obama to legislate HIS morality? No thanks.

CNN reported yesterday that ‘Ears Obama said the GOP doesn’t own faith and values. Well, no kidding. Heck, with out of control spending and the federal government trying to control everyone’s lives, today’s GOP looks like a carbon copy of the traditional Donkey Party. 

But here’s the dirty little secret: People say you can’t legislate morality? WABOS. Every piece of legislation is SOMEBODY’s morality. The question is “Who’s morality are we going to legislate?”

The CNN piece says ‘Ears Obama spoke yesterday at a South Carolina church. “He finished his brief remarks by saying, ‘We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.'”

What was that?  “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth?”

First, I love one of the comments made about the ‘Ears Obama piece, this one by Gerald in Texas: “Just have a conservative Republican speak on Sunday at a church service and all hell would break loose.”  No kidding!

Second, ‘Ears Obama needs to remember that we’re a Constitutional Republic, and there’s no allowance in our Constitution for a king. Sorry, my eager Senator. Running for President is one thing, but trying to make yourself into a king is a bit greedy.  (It’s the same reason we don’t like GWB!)

Third, I’ve been watching ‘Ears Obama positioning himself to be some kind of great visionary leader. Ba-HA!!!  He’s a parrot to what his pollsters tell him to say. I certainly don’t want King ‘Ears Obama’s morality — nor the morality of his handlers.

 Therefore, how about this, ‘Ears Obama:  How about we just keep with Thomas Jefferson’s idea of minimal government? That means that whether you’re a senator, a page in the halls of Congress, or [heaven forbid] in a higher office, just follow the Constitution and provide for the common defense of us as states. 

That’s it.

No kingdom needed. 

In fact, why not move to have Congress stop making any new laws at all for the next few years? Then you can just show up, collect your paycheck, and go home.  Wouldn’t that be great? Besides, we have enough laws on the books as it is.


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