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Who the hell is Billy Clinton going to wag his finger at next?

Ever take a good look at Slick Willy? I mean REALLY watch him.  This guy is so self-absorbed it’s unreal. His massive internal fears manifest in his puffed up anger — which always makes itself known when he starts wagging that index finger of his. 

You know, the one Monica knows all about. In a biblical sort of way.

Check these out.  Tell me this fake ass son of a bitch isn’t trying to intimidate someone to back down and stop pushing him.  He’s caught and he knows it.

Slickster1_The Famous Lie This is the famous lie: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Bah ha ha ha !!!! And people still believe things that come out of this asshole’s mouth? This sonovabitch was disbarred for five years in his home state of Arkansas for this.  Nobody but the lowest of the low ever disbarred. Does anyone remember this? What a JOKE!

Ya know, I’m not sure about the event, but it’s pretty damn obvious he’s trying to intimidate someone from going where he doesn’t want them to go.

slickster3Ah, yes … This one’s from the Chris Wallace interview on Fox News Sunday. Billy is so frickin’ insecure about his “legacy” that he loses it on national TV. Wallace is accused by the slickster of smirking, but Wallace later states he was just blown away by what was happening in front him — a former US President having a complete meltdown as he tried (emphasis on “tried”) to rewrite history in his attempt to make himself look better than he was. A total intimidation play. Sorry, Billy. It might be dramatic and it might make you feel better, but we see right through transparent dog shit when we see it.

slickster4This one is from November 18, 2004, during a very pro-Clinton ABC News prime-time special, “Bill Clinton: A Place in History.” Billy Boy was angrily wagging his finger at Peter Jennings (no conservative, he), accusing ABC of conspiring with Ken Starr to repeat every little sleazy thing about Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice. If you ever wonder who the true conspiracy theorists are, look no further than Billy Boy and Hillary.

slickster5Here the Slickster wags his fingers at voters in Iowa on November 28, 2007. He’s talking tough — and trying to make his wife look the perfect man for the job. If you let it, that finger might push you back into the corner (as Billy Boy believes it will) and you’ll vote Hillary — just so he stops wagging that thing in your face.

slickster7 November 27, 2007, Billy Boy stumps in Iowa for his wife …. sort of. At one stump speech he spoke more about himself than his wife. In ten minutes time, this self-centered sonovabitch talked about himself 94 times, but talked about his wife *for whom he was campaigning* only 7 times. He’s wagging that Monica-stained index digit to push people back as he CLAIMS he was against the war in Iraq from the start. That is, except when he was for it.

According to the NYTimes, the Slickter said “Even though I approved of Afghanistan and opposed Iraq from the beginning, I still resent that I was not asked or given the opportunity to support those soldiers.” I would feel reeeel sorry for this lying-ass sonovabitch, but what I really want to say is “BillyBoy! It’s not hard!  Grow a back bone, stand up and say, ‘Hey! –I’m here for you!'”

The insecure little boy from Arkansas can’t seem to get in his head that he has been President of the United States. As undeserving as he was to hold that title, he still held it. So why can’t this self-absorbed bastard find peace? Will he ever stop and accept himself as he is?

Doubt it.

And, as a result, he’s going to wag his finger at people in his effort to intimidate them.  For what? Grow up, Slickster!

Bahhh — it’s so much hot air.

The only question remaining on this topic is, “Who the hell is Billy Clinton going to wag his finger at next?”


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Dear Mr. ‘Ears’ Obama — if you feel you should pay more taxes, it’s a free country. Go ahead.

When the Democratic presidential wanna be Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama says he deserves to pay more taxes, hey–It’s a free country. I see no reason anyone should hold him back from paying more than what the federal tax code says he should. If elementary schools can hold bake sales and contribute the money to pay down the national debt, “Ears” Hussein Obama should be able to contribute as well.

We don’t care what ‘Ears’ Hussein Obama does behind closed doors with his checkbook.  We just don’t want him forcing his beliefs on us.

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