Clueless Utah Judge is Ignorant of Facts

Get a load of this article at WorldNetDaily.  Seems some opinionated but clueless judge named Scott Johansen says “homeschooling fails 100% of the time.”


Fails at what, judge?

If you mean homeschooling fails at indoctrinating youth into endorsing homosexuality as ‘normal’ … and that the Allah of the Koran and the God of the Bible are the ‘same God,’ . . . and that the government knows what’s better for ‘the children’ than do the children’s parents, then yes, judge, homeschooling fails.

Thank God it fails at all that.

But when you look at who’s winning the national spelling bees each year, and which kids are truly more socialized in holding intelligent conversations, and who gets more one-on-one instruction (BY FAR), then you can only say “homeschooled kids.”

How much attention can a teacher give one student? Do the MATH, judge.  If a kid is sitting in a classroom for six hours a day, that’s 360 minutes. But if the class has 25 kids, and if the teacher does nothing but divide his or her time equally among the various students, the MOST one-on-one attention a teacher can give a student is LESS THAN FIFTEEN minutes.

However . . . The average home schooler gets 2.5 hours of individualized instruction each day from the parent-teacher, or 150 minutes.

Think about it judge. The homeschooler gets ten times more one-on-one instruction.


A study of 7,500 adults who were each homeschooled at least seven years revealed the following:

74% went on to college. . . . Compared to only 46% of the general US population.

71% participate in an ongoing community service activity (e.g., coaching a sports team, volunteering at a school, working with a neighborhood association, etc.), compared to only 37% of U.S. adults of similar ages.

4.2% of the homeschool graduates surveyed consider politics and government too complicated to understand . . . . Compared to 35% of adults in the general US population.

Judge Scott Johansen, your head is full of opinion, but short on facts.  In the military we call that being a penis with ears.

Therefore, we need to change the offical photo of you hanging at the courthouse.

 What is is now: Scott Johansen’s Fake Image  Scott Johansen: Ignorant Judge

What it NEEDS to be: Scott Johansen as he REALLY is - a penis with ears  Scott Johansen: Penis with Ears (and also an ignorant judge)


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