America’s slide down the dogcrap pile: 1/10/08

It’s hard to describe my thoughts and emotions as I watch America descends down the dogcrap pile.  Here’s the latest absolute BALONEY (which, when eaten by a dog, becomes dogcrap):

1. A panel of three judges have decided that a movie about Hillary Clinton is advertising, and, as such, subject to campaign finance laws.  Way to go, McCain-Feingold.  Michael Moore can create all sorts of propaganda (advertising) “movies” and nothing happens. But focus your movie on a leftist, and ZAP!

2.  Unbelievably, the “leader of the free world,” who is supposed to represent our country’s friendship with Israel, has changed course.  Mr. Marionette has called for an end to “occupation” of Arab land. OMG, he’s lost it. Maybe he DID have too much cocaine and booze and his memory circuits are fried  — but more likely he’s just sucking up to the global elite to regain some of the many brownie points he’s lost.

3. According to the New York Times (my favorite paper for dogcrap training), Local ISP’s are going to start filtering content.

“Comcast, AT&T, EarthLink, or whoever you send that monthly check to – could soon start sniffing your digital packets, looking for material that infringes on someone’s copyright.”

Granted, the move is designed to capture people infringing on copyrights, but you can’t convince me otherwise that it’s just one slip on a dog pile away from “sniffing” every digital packet as they monitor “free speech.”  

Example: “We’re sorry sir, but those three words used in that order were used in that same order in a book copyrighted by _________. Your email message has been confiscated / deleted / reported / whatever.” 

If they can say a movie about Hillary Clinton is advertising, they can do this, too.

Believing the big wheel is in motion and cannot be stopped, lil’ ol’ fatalist me is simply a commentator on the sidelines. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I’ll keep yapping my lips like this until freedom of speech is no longer allowed.


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