Video of Belichick shoving a photographer

In case anyone forgot, Little Billy Belichick (perhaps it should be ‘Bully Belichick’) thinks he has the right to shove people around.

Is he afraid people won’t respond to a request? He’s the freakin’ head coach of an NFL team! All he has to do is tap the photog on the shoulder and the photog would move in a heart beat.

But no, Little Billy has to be a bully. See for yourself —

By the way: After Belichick ‘hugs’ Mangini and walks away, notice how he shoves people aside.   A real classless chump . . .

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

This moron not only needs to fined, suspended, whatever, he needs a personality transplant. 

I like what I read on another blog this morning — “Leave, Belichick!  You’re ruining my favorite game!”  Why the NFL does nothing to discipline this guy is beyond me.


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