Top Stories – the News in Review:

Top Story #1:  The pundits are justifying their jobs by scuffling about who has more votes “at the moment,” – McCain, or either of the socialists.  In other words, if the election were held today, who would win?

Who cares? Does any of that affect the way a person is going to vote?  If people throw their vote behind a candidate just because more people are voting for that person, it becomes the most shallow of popularity contests — not a debate about the issues.

 Not that there’s much difference to debate anyway.  McCain isn’t that far off from his socialist opponents.   See my previous post.

Top Story #2:  The Ruskies are bemoaning the actions of the US as taking us back to the cold war, yet which planes are doing recon so close to our Navy ships? Russian Bombers.  This isn’t to say that GWB doesn’t have his head up his ass, it’s just if you’re going to denounce somebody for doing something, don’t go doing the same thing.

Oh, I forgot. That’s the way of the world, isn’t it?  Accuse other people of doing the same crap YOU’RE doing, so it takes the spotlight off of you.

Top Story #3: In the ongoing farce of attempts at Middle East peace, we have a set of Arab ministers mulling over a peace plan with Israel.  Um, hey – you Arab ministers — I shouldn’t have to remind you, but haven’t you sworn to eliminate the nation of Israel?  Why waste our time with this talk of peace? We are long past your antics of waving this false hope in the wind. 

Hilarious, though, how the minnions swallow it up.  “Oh – there’s hope again!”



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