LISTEN to Obama’s words!

In increasing increments, Barack Hussein Obama is showing us what kind of man he really is.  His true colors are shining through. 

As an observer of people, I find it amazing that the man who was going to bring civility to the presidential campaign has morphed from being “civil” to being a street-talking blowhard, talking smack.  Take him out of the “presidential” spotlight, and just listen to him.  His voice tone, his attitudes, his word choices — all come across with an over-inflated ego.

Plain and simple, it’s become obvious he’s just another street talker who has learned the art of talking smack.  The problem? His lifelong ambition has been to be President.  But think again — does seven years in the Illinois legistlature (voting “present” as often as he did) and only ONE active year in the US Senate before launching his presidential bid makes him a qualified leader?

It is unbelievable that people fall for such a smooth talker. But a smooth talker he is, and as much as I like my liberal friends, they’re falling for a line of crap.  A smooth talker does not make good leader. 

And now that Obama is behind in the polls, we’re seeing just how “smooth” his talk is. It’s one long string of passive-aggressive insults.  Is THIS what we want in a leader?

THINK!  Really think!!  Is a passive-aggressive smack-talker what you want as a leader?



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2 responses to “LISTEN to Obama’s words!

  1. expatforobama

    Talking Smack? You’re funny! You mean to say, you don’t think Sarah Palin is talking Alaskan Smack? Her whole convention speech was smack I recall. Worse than smack…she was practically playing the dozens? I thought she was gonna come out with some Mama jokes or call Michelle out of her name the way she was going on?
    McCain couldn’t talk smack if he wanted to but Sarah is all Smack and that’s why the republican party is all fired up! They LOVE smack! Especially inaccurate, misleading, disingenuous smack. At least Obama tried to keep his Chicago smack in his bag and deal with the American people in (relatively) honest and respectable way. McCain broke his promise to try and do the same a long time ago and hired this smack talking, earmark scoffing, holy rolling, media dodging, sarcastic, overly ambitious, irreverent, inexperienced, stand up comic to talk his smack for him.
    Well done John

  2. Lave Sus Manos

    Hiya Expat!

    Thanks for your enthusiastic response! For the record, I’m not talking about Sarah Palin, and I don’t disagree with your observations about John McCain. I’m talking about the empty suit from Chicago.

    I was born and raised in Chi-town, and I have several decades of experience in how smack there goes down. Obama has been hiding it, but he’s been in hot water lately — and hot water tends to bring out the flavor of whatever herbs are sitting in it.

    Quite simply – Obama been smellin’ of SMACK lately! And his lemmings don’t see it.

    Again, for the record, I’m no McCain fan. He’s not getting my vote, so I’m not taking sides between the two (as you are). I’m simply putting out a warning to all who believe in all-holy-Saint-Obama who’s come to save us from evil with “change” and “hope.”

    He keeps saying he wants to talk issues, but he keeps talking smack. This is a passive-aggressive forked-tongue. If people don’t see this THEY’RE BLIND … whether it’s intentional blindness or unintentional blindness … if they don’t see it, they’re blind.

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