Has Joe Biden had a face lift?

Is Joe looking stretched?

Is Joe looking stretched?


I was cruising Drudge earlier this evening and saw this rather fierce face of J. Biden.  He was looking REALLY mean (I was shaking in my boots) until I realized maybe it wasn’t mean that I saw …. maybe it was a facelift.

Take a close look.  After all — If Jabberin’ Joe will get hair transplants, maybe he gets facelifts, too.

Granted – I know this isn’t a campaign issue, so don’t start.  It’s just that … well, … Maybe Joe and Joan Rivers have the same doctor?



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13 responses to “Has Joe Biden had a face lift?

  1. Pat

    I thought the same thing when I saw it on Drudge. I did a google search on it and here I am.

  2. Dan

    Ditto. Saw photo on Drudge and was struck by the stretch-face. He looks like an old woman.

  3. Dave

    What about those blazing white, perfect teeth? Those look REALLY natural, too. Ha.

  4. Teresa

    I was just googling “Joe Biden facelift” to see if he had one. I’m watching the debate and it looks like something was done. hmmm

  5. I just kept staring and trying to figure out what was wrong with Joe Biden’s face, and then I realized that he had a FACE LIFT. WOW!!

  6. I thought the same thing while watching the debate. OMG he’s had a FACE LIFT. eeewww

  7. Paula

    I have never seen anyone’s face go upwards, unless they have had a face lift. It’s like you can see where the doctors tied the skin in place.

  8. During the debate last night I really noticed, and commented that I thought he’d at least had some Botox to the forehead…

  9. Judy

    I thought the same thing when I saw him on tv during the debates. His face looks stretched! Not a big deal to me really, but I am surprised he is concerned about vanity. He just didn’t seem the type.

  10. mespace

    He looks like he had surgery to become Asian. I love Asians but I don’t think it’s working for Joe.

  11. Diane

    Joe Biden and Greta Van Susteren look like twins to me.

  12. Lave Sus Manos

    Cute. I guess the difference is Greta was very open about her facelift. She even did a full cover-story interview about it for US magazine.

  13. Yeah, I think the two both had face lift surgeries. For Joe Biden, it’s pretty obvious. He looked really younger.

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