About this blog:

Comment and critique about anyone, anything, anywhere, at anytime.

 . . . While freedom of speech is still allowed.

Just who IS Lave Sus Manos?

Obviously, Lave Sus Manos is a pseudonym. By why?

Because some things just need to be said, and it shouldn’t matter who says them. I could list my college degrees, the certifications I hold, the countries I’ve been to, the myriad business experiences and situations I’ve been through, but it all DOES NOT MATTER. Content stands on it’s own merit, and you can judge it as such. You can also comment on whatever you like — just know that your comments will be judged on their merit, as well.

The phrase Lave Sus Manos (wash your hands) is an appropriate pseudonym on several levels. First, it’s to mock the myriad politicians who cannot seem to understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL. They appear to have “washed their hands” of the situation, and have allowed a porous border through which flow hundreds of thousands of people, ILLEGALLY.

As such, America is at terrible risk. And, it means we have a loose-leaf law book. Whatever laws were created BY (the alleged) REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE are being arbitrarily enforced at best. Justice in this country has become a joke. And so Lave Sus Manos is also applicable in that I’ve given up on our narcissistic politicians — I’ve washed my hands of them.

In most cases, I give respect automatically to all. But displays of unethical behavior and lack of integrity cause my trust and respect levels drop rather rapidly. I rather quickly wash my hands of the idiots and morons who are intentionally blind to absolute truths.

This blog is a compilation of my opinions.

    Sometimes they’re insightful.
    Sometimes they’re rants.
    Sometimes they’re tongue-in-cheek.
    Sometimes they’re just silly.
    Sometimes they’re quite serious.

If you care to comment, feel free, but know that I reserve the right to cut off people who make total idiots of themselves. In the mean time – when was the last time you Lave Sus Manos?