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Has Joe Biden had a face lift?

Is Joe looking stretched?

Is Joe looking stretched?


I was cruising Drudge earlier this evening and saw this rather fierce face of J. Biden.  He was looking REALLY mean (I was shaking in my boots) until I realized maybe it wasn’t mean that I saw …. maybe it was a facelift.

Take a close look.  After all — If Jabberin’ Joe will get hair transplants, maybe he gets facelifts, too.

Granted – I know this isn’t a campaign issue, so don’t start.  It’s just that … well, … Maybe Joe and Joan Rivers have the same doctor?



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I wonder how Ted Turner would taste …

Ol’ Teddy Turner, former Media Mogul and current buffalo rancher, is predicting we’ll be eating each other by 2040.  Is this a confession that his buffalo enterprise will not be able to keep up with consumer demand?

 Frankly, as old as Teddy is, I’m wondering if I should just request his body be smoked and we preserve him as jerky …. not a lot of tenderness ever existed in the guy anyway.

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You don’t want to laugh

Has anyone reading this actually seen the 16-minute video entitled Fitna?  If not, you need to.  (At the time of this writing, you can still view it on this page.)

While the West is reciting it’s parrot immitation “Islam is a religion of peace,” we have the Quran and it’s followers proclaiming death to all who do not turn to Islam.

It’s like, “You better start reciting the line that Islam is a religion of peace or we’re going to kill you.”

If you say this is an over-reaction, you seriously have your head up inside a dark cavity looking for your last meal.  Pull it out. Look.  Listen.

The Free Speech You Have Now Will Be Gone

 Do you really believe that once Islam controls a geographical area that they let “non-believers” continue their free speech?  On the contrary.  Those non-Islamic bleeeding hearts who currently support Islam will be killed.

 Oh, that it were not that way, but it is.  Every woman, every Christian, every homosexual, every Buddhist, every independent thinker — everyone! — Every non-Muslim will be forced to convert to Islam or be killed.

Believe me, those of us foretelling this do NOT want to laugh when it happens to say “we told you so.” 

Instead, we will certainly cry.  The freedom our parents, our grandparents, and our great-grandparents fought so hard to achieve will disappear simply because of a misguided view of tolerance. 

The TRUE Meaning of Tolerance

In a true sense of of tolerance, we certainly tolerate people who have differing views. But when it comes to how we defend and protect freedom, we draw a boundary and say “this is our policy; this is our Constitution – you shall not change it.”  And it’s because the Constitution guarantees tolerance that we defend it so fiercely.

How can it be inflammatory to Muslims if we simply cite their own religious book and play videos of what their Imams are saying (that those who are not Muslim shall and ought be killed)?  What kind of twisted logic agrees it’s inflammatory to a group to quote what the group believes?

 The misguided tolerance, kind. 

Believe me people – you do not want to laugh.  Draw a boundary. Stand up, or you shall surely be cut down. 

Again — if you’ve not yet seen the video, do so here.

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In honor of Barak Hussein ‘Ears’ O’bama’s grandmama, we need a ‘typical white person’s’ blog

What do you say?  If the frontrunner for the Democrats’ nominee for President of the United States is free to talk about his grandmother as a “Typical White Person,” the same language should be free for all of us to use. 

And a “typical white person” ought to have a “typical white person” blog to visit and read opinions about what “typical white people” think.

 You can’t tell me it’s racist!  The black candidate for President of the United States, who, of course, could NEVER be racist if he has reached such a pinacle, has legitimized the term!

Someone was thinking — the domain “” is now taken. And isn’t it great that capitalism thrives, because, .biz, .tv, .us, .info, are all taken now, too.

Perhaps will sell white supremacy materials. God, I hope not.  No race is superior to another.  But I do think we should follow the lead set forth by Barak Hussein ‘Ears’ O’bama and make sure the views of the typical white person are known.

Wouldn’t you agree that the best way to do that is let typical white people comment on a typical white person’s blog?  I think it would be a great way to honor the Democratic frontrunner’s grandmother.

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Wondering if I’m a “typical” white person . . .

Barak Hussein “Ears” O’bama has commented that his grandmother is a “typical white person.”  Hmmmm.

Here’s my question: If it’s okay for a ‘black’ person to refer to a white person as a “typical” white person, is it okay for a ‘white’ person to refer to a black person as a “typical” black person?

Or would that be a double standard?

Or maybe even racist?

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Top Stories – the News in Review:

Top Story #1:  The pundits are justifying their jobs by scuffling about who has more votes “at the moment,” – McCain, or either of the socialists.  In other words, if the election were held today, who would win?

Who cares? Does any of that affect the way a person is going to vote?  If people throw their vote behind a candidate just because more people are voting for that person, it becomes the most shallow of popularity contests — not a debate about the issues.

 Not that there’s much difference to debate anyway.  McCain isn’t that far off from his socialist opponents.   See my previous post.

Top Story #2:  The Ruskies are bemoaning the actions of the US as taking us back to the cold war, yet which planes are doing recon so close to our Navy ships? Russian Bombers.  This isn’t to say that GWB doesn’t have his head up his ass, it’s just if you’re going to denounce somebody for doing something, don’t go doing the same thing.

Oh, I forgot. That’s the way of the world, isn’t it?  Accuse other people of doing the same crap YOU’RE doing, so it takes the spotlight off of you.

Top Story #3: In the ongoing farce of attempts at Middle East peace, we have a set of Arab ministers mulling over a peace plan with Israel.  Um, hey – you Arab ministers — I shouldn’t have to remind you, but haven’t you sworn to eliminate the nation of Israel?  Why waste our time with this talk of peace? We are long past your antics of waving this false hope in the wind. 

Hilarious, though, how the minnions swallow it up.  “Oh – there’s hope again!”


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Tired of politics as usual? Come join the ‘I don’t give a shit’ party.

IDOGASH for short.  Our platform? The system is not broken — the people currently running the system are. The federal government, were it to operate as orginally designed, would be just fine. But today it is about as corrupt as any third world country. It’s just that instead of military garb and ouzies, our thugs have a professional, smooth demeanor and wear nicer, cleaner clothes.  But they lie, cheat, steal, and swing deals for their buddies just like in every other corrupt country.

The IDOGASH Party stands for nobody currently on any of the primary ballots.  Ron Paul comes close, but we’re not sure he’d appreciate our endorsement. And we’re still not ready to give it.

Our basic premise is we don’t give a shit about politics as usual. We want change. We want the lies gone. For example, expose the Federal Reserve for what it is.  It’s certainly not Federal, and they certainly don’t have anything left of our Reserve.  They’ve collected it all as interest, and they intend to keep lending us their private money so they can collect more interest.

We want the facade to stop.  We want the Federal Government to stop putting their pawns (our children and neighbors) in the line of fire so they can position themselves for their own egos and their own sense of security.  Honor may get a lot of words thrown at it, but they’re empty, purely political words. Honor left Washington DC a long, long time ago.

We don’t give a shit about your empty words, Washington, DC.  Rhetoric.  Platitudes.  Bullshit.  Coverups.  Spinmasters. 

 “Yes, I said that, but I didn’t mean it that way . . . ”

“I voted for it, but that was before I voted against it . . . “

What a bunch of shit you throw our way. Therefore, we don’t give a shit about you.

Join the party.  Become an “I Don’t Give A Shit” delegate.  Stand up for your right not to give a shit about “politics as usual.”  And you know what?  When enough people stop giving a shit, we might just prevent those corrupt bitches and bastards from being re-elected.

Is it a pipedream?  You bet.  But I’m not going to give a shit about that, either.  I’m having too much fun not giving a shit anymore. 

Join the party today!


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