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What can the homosexual lobby say about this?

At the end of October I penned a post about the possiblity of homosexual behavior being genetically based.  As expected, some pooh-poohed the idea. But today the Chicago Sun Times has an article (in the ‘lifestyles’ section – ha!) outlining how scientists have discovered how to change sexual preferrences in fruit flies AT WILL — simply by altering their genes or by giving them a drug that immitates the effects of a particular gene.

What can the homosexual lobby say about this?

I ask again, **IF** a genetic condition is the root cause of disease, doesn’t it make sense to treat the disease **IF** a treatment was known to exist and be safe?

Is the homosexual lobby about pleasure, or fear? 

The problem: Homosexuals get their sexual pleasure (a strong human drive) through sex with another of the same sex.  As with all things human, when people afraid of the unknown, they’re afraid to give up that predictable pleasure.

One homosexual friend of mine and I had long conversations about this. His conclusion? He didn’t WANT to change – – – He liked his “sin” too much.

To calm this anxiety, consider that within hours of being treated to eliminate the homosexual tendencies, these fruit flies were attracted to female fruit flies.  The point: The sexual drive simply redirects.

It would seem the root cause of the issue is not so much a desire for acceptance of being homosexual – but a fear of the unknown.  A fear that being homosexual and LIKING it is, in reality, an illness . . . a genetic disorder.  People don’t want what gives them pleasure to be considered an illness.


Compare it to alcoholism.  It’s considered an illness.  A genetic marker leads to the addiction.  But society puts a “wrong” label on alcoholism. Alcoholics are shunned, and we openly endorse 12-step programs. 

We can wonder how long the 12-step programs would survive if an “Alcoholics Lobby” were pushing city and state governments to remove all public denouncing of alcoholism.

Also compare this genetic issue to inneffective immune systems in bubble children.  For several decades, genetic researchers have been working to correct the children’s genetically-caused immunodeficiency – – AFTER the children have been born with the disease. 

What If?

What IF a homosexual man was genetically treated and suddenly lost an attraction for men —- and found an attraction to females?

In other words, what if homosexuality really IS a genetic illness? 

It’s sad when an alcoholic refuses treatment.  He loves his liquor and doesn’t want to give it up.  It may be he thinks it’s too risky to attempt finding pleasure in other sources. The fear of loss can be strong enough to prevent any attempt at changing.

Besides, the homosexual lobby has made gains to the point that homosexuals are to be “tolerated.” Even “accepted.”  Even “endorsed.”

Peer Pressure Now a Factor

No, taking treatment would require giving up everything that has made sense up to that point, and the resulting peer pressure would be unbearable.

From outside of the alcoholic state, the situation is clear.  Get treatment. From inside the alcoholic state, the drinking buddies see no reason any one should give up drinking.

More and more genetic evidence is coming in . . . .  Just what can the homosexual lobby say about this?



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Why I won’t ever, EVER live in L.A. . . . .

Yeah, I know some inner-city hospitals can be the pits.  But this story is more like the pit of hell.

 Brief scenario: A woman is on the floor of an emergency room waiting area, writhing in pain, vomiting blood.  And they just leave here there …..  for FORTY FIVE MINUTES.  When hospital employees aren’t helping and people ask some cops to help, what do these schmucks do?  They go “oh, she’s been in violation of her parole,” and they ARREST her.  She DIES while these IDIOT cops are wheeling her out to take her downdown to the police station.

If anything ever falls under the WABOS* category, this is it.

Tragedy: Two 911 calls were made by two separate people and both 911 operators blew them off because the woman “was already at a hospital.”


Thankfully, the chief medical officer of the hospital is on “ordered leave,” but people need to lose their jobs on this one. INCLUDING those dipshit cops AND those two dipshit 911 officers.

*WABOS = What a Bunch of S#!+

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