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Amazingly, a California state agency shows some integrity

A story about the Minutemen adopting a stretch of highway in Southern California has some folks up in arms. The Border Angels, an “immigrants rights group,” has condemned CalTrans for letting the Minutemen be part of the state’s Adopt-a-Highway program.

Wooooo. **Silently wondering what happens when Border Angels condemn something…**

Personally, I think it’s great that CalTrans showed some integrity with its program.

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Check the fact sheet. This a nation of laws … And the Minutemen are not against immigration. They’re against illegal immigration.

The Minutemen simply want our laws enforced.  (What a concept!)

What part of illegal don’t people understand?


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Senator Trent Lott = Duplicitous Moron

The Real Trent LottWhat’s up, Senator Lott? You got a problem with the people of this country expressing themselves? You got a problem with the will of the people striving to affect how their future will play out?

 Duplicitous Moron.

In a NYTimes article posted June 15 about the re-emergence of the immigration bill, the following verbiage appears:

Comments by Republican senators on Thursday suggested that they were feeling the heat from conservative critics of the bill, who object to provisions offering legal status. The Republican whip, Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

At some point, Mr. Lott said, Senate Republican leaders may try to rein in “younger guys who are huffing and puffing against the bill.”

So, Mr. Lott — Why is it you don’t seem to have a problem with lobbyists trotting around the capitol building — you know, those individuals getting paid HUGE sums of money — to try to influence your vote .  But you “have to deal with [the] problem” of talk radio hosts in a free market society raising issues to the public?

Or are these just issues and facts that you don’t want the public to hear?  Is THAT the real problem, Mr. Lott?

How come we don’t hear you say, “Lobbyists hold too much influence on capitol hill. We have to deal with that problem.” 

Perhaps because you don’t see it as a problem.

 Personally, I thought they railroaded you after your comments at Strom Thurmond’s party.  You were trying to pay honor to a long-standing public servant, and the Far Left took it and ran the other way, insisting that you implied we’d have been better off as a segregationist country.

That was a bunch of crock, and I defended you rather boldly at that time.

But now?  After listening to you spout this tripe?  Maybe you need to retire and go flatten your ass across the seat of a rowboat while you smoke cigars and catch fish down in Mississippi.

It appears you don’t like these “younger” senators standing up for what their constitutents want.  No . . . these “younger” senators haven’t had time to buy into the good ol’ boy system, in which nobody gives a rat’s ass about their constituents — only about what they can scheme up to make brownie points and pad their pockets.

Sad that you think it’s okay for the whore lobbyists to influence you … but not the electorate.  

Duplicitous Moron.

Go suck a catfish.

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I had real hope at one time for Harry Reid . . .

In 2004, when Harry Reid became leader of the Democratic party in the Senate, I had hope. Reid was touted as a moderate. Someone who could be a bridge between the extremes of the two parties.

Alas, Señor Reid has flown so far left he’s lost his compass.

It appears that to be a leader in the Democratic party one must assume a FAR left position on all things.  WTF?  Sad.  I suppose the adage “follow the money” plays into this — It’d be my guess that somewhere along the line the REAL power brokers pulled Señor Reid aside and said, “if you want to keep this position, you will take OUR position.”

 Just read this Immigration Round Up post by Karl at the Leaning Straight Up blog  (love the pun in the title of the post).  It shows just how loony Señor Reid has become.

Some moderate.


If Senior Reid was moderate at one time, he has since fallen off the left side of the bridge.

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How to drive the illegals nuts . . .

Gotta love this.  If you’ve ever been tooling down the freeway over the speed limit, chances are your eyes were scanning back and forth — on the look out for the law.

It’s basic human nature — you’re breaking the law, you know it, and your antennas are up.

 So imagine what goes through the mind of Mr. and/or Mrs. Illegal when they see the border patrol ! !

Now picture yourself causing that angst without saying a word — just by wearing an official-looking border patrol ball cap.

You can buy such an animal for only $10 at this site, among others.  So you know, I make no money on this at all.  I just think it would be fun for us legal citizens to stir up the angst of Mr. and Mrs. Illegal. — Especially since our wonderful “representatives” in congress don’t seem to understand the consequences of a porous border.

Check it out — and if you get one, be sure to come back and comment about your experiences!

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