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They want to preserve the right to murder

Be careful of what you wish for, you just may get it.  According to Wall Street Journal blogger Steven Waldman, the Democrats have been wanting a fired-up religious left for quite a while.  Well, now that one is emerging, it seems they might not like what’s happening as a result.

In a recent post by Waldman, it appears Mr. Tony Campolo (a rather loud and obnoxious left-wing evangelist) happens to be sitting on the Democrat’s platform committee.  He and another left-wing evangelical (Jim Wallis)  are pretty adamant about making a stink to get the wording changed in the Dem’s platform to seek an reduction in abortions.

The now famous phrase “a woman’s right to choose” was created in the effort to get abortion laws passed — Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the founders of NARAL, says as they were brainstorming catch-phrases to spin off to the media, they were laughing at the “woman’s right to choose.”  But it stuck.  This is, after all, America, where “Freedom of Choice” is a watchword.

However, eventually Nathanson came to realize that all the abortions he was performing was the taking of a human life.  Strangely, even women I know who advocate legal abortions acknowledge that it’s MURDER. But they still advocate it because of the “10,000 women who died each year from illegal abortions.”

Problem: Nathanson confessed they lied their asses off to the media: That in 1972, only 39 women died in this country from illegal abortions. But NARAL was putting out false info in their press releases that 10,000 women had died from illegal abortions. They knew the media would suck it up. And they did.

Puffery. Lies. Deceptions. Nobody bothered to check the facts. And they still don’t. They just want to preserve the right to MURDER innocent babies based on lies published by NARAL (follow the money, folks – the abortion industry generates over $500,000,000 in business each year) and spun out to the ears of the Jane Q. Public by a lazy media who would not verify NARAL’s numbers.

You want choice? The choice happens when a couple chooses to have sex.  That’s the choice. 

Any other choice is this: “Do I give this baby the gift of seeing the light of day, or do I MURDER it?”

PS.  Here are some interesting observations about the topic


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Barak Obama: A Bill of Goods … three truths about the lie

A bit of reflecting on the presumptive Democratic nominee:

The basic conclusion? We’re being “sold” a bill of goods.  The press has “conveniently” not followed certain stories that would have made any other candidate wisp away like a puff of smoke.

1.  The man has not done anything substantial in terms of “leadership.”  Seven years in the state senate of Illinois gives him no leadership experience other than to run a campaign.  Before that he did what?  And since then he’s been in the US Senate for only three years, and two of that has been spent ramping up his run for president.  Where’s the “leadership?”

2.  The man, apparently, is a liar.  At best he is not telling us the truth. In my post of June 25 last week I included a picture of the man dressed in Islamic garb standing with his half brother. He claims never to have been a practicing Muslim, but several of his family members say he used to attend the Mosque regularly. If the man were honest, he would tell us that he did, at one time, attend the Mosque with his family. And if he decided to follow Christianity instead, then he should tell us that. But he denies participating at the Mosque.

As I said – at best he is not telling the truth. But the real truth for us today is the mainstream media is saying NOTHING about this. Any other candidate would be ripped to shreds for not being open.

3.  The man’s place of birth and his citizenship is in question. Again, any other candidate would not be given such a free pass.  It appears likely, from evidence presented thus far, that he was NOT born into US citizenship according to the laws on the books at the time. The birth certificate his campaign has produced is missing the official seal of the State of Hawaii. The people in birth records in Hawaii are saying NOTHING.  If he has an actual, signed / sealed birth certificate, he should simply produce it and put the matter to rest. 

Instead, it gets swept under the rug and the mainstream press conveniently ignores the issue.


One possible reason (although there are probably many), is that if the press were to dig into this guy’s past to discover that he is NOT qualified to serve as President as outlined in the Constitution, then a whole lot of people have a whole lot of explaining to do. Besides, if it’s true that he’s not qualified:

    a) How did he get this far with nobody checking his credentials? 
    b) His entire staff would be viewed as gullible and inept.
    c) The entire US voting population would look duped.
    d) The US would look stupid in the eyes of the world.

No, even if the guy is not qualified to serve as outlined in the US Constitution, he’s going to get a pass because of the above.  Too high a price if the truth were made known now.

Sad, isn’t it?

The conclusion, again, is that we’re being sold a bill of goods.  The man lacks leadership. He lies to us. And, he’s probably not even qualified to serve in the position.  Yet the mainstream press blissfully ignores all this and lets it all sail on past.

The Princeton wordnet search tells us a “bill of goods” is a “communication, written or spoken, that persuades someone to accept something untrue or undesirable.”

I think that describes the presumptive Democratic nominee pretty well:  Untrue, and undesirable.


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Okay, all you ‘tolerant’ people:

For everyone who wants to be tolerant and understanding toward our Militant Islamic neighbors on this planet — you know, just listen to them; understand them; when they see us listening they’ll stop all this anger and they’ll settle down (yes, THAT crowd) — please read this

Go ahead — read the article. And after you do, please answer me this:

Do you really think they’re going to let a “free speech” environment exist long enough for them to get past their “anger” phase?

PS — for those who want to say “this is just an isolated incident,” pull your head out of your ass and read something else beside and

How much tolerance is going to exist after these people walk up your sidewalk and demand you either convert to Islam or die?

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Bill Belichick – Zero Sportsmanship

Mike Beas, a reporter in Anderson, Indiana, has some EXCELLENT insights about Pats coach Bill Belichick.

I’ve been looking for something good to say about Belichick as person.  Plenty of good coaching skills – no problem there. Or maybe it’s good cheating skills mixed with above-mediocre coaching skills.

Regardless, have you ever seen such a classless ass in professional sports? 

When Randy Moss ran off the field as his team was lining up for a kick, he got skewered in the press.  But when insecure little Billy runs to the locker room because his team lost while his players have to go out and set up for the final play, it gets swept under the rug. It’s downright pathetic.

Are the announcers afraid little Bully Belichick isn’t going to allow them access to his hallowed locker room?  Gutless.

Belichick owes us all an apology

I played football in high school.  If my coach was so emotionally small that he left the sidelines while we lined up for the last play of a losing game, I would not have played for him.  We were a TEAM – even when we lost.  Any coach that leaves the sidelines like Belichick did has absolutely no class, no professionalism, and no integrity.

Belichick owes an apology to his team, AND to the NFL.  He owes an apology to all of us. His behavior is an embarrassment.

Beas makes some great points in his article.  Belichick should have been out there on the field congratulating the other team. That would have shown some class — some integrity.  Some respect for the sport of football and the tradition of the Superbowl. Instead he confirmed what many of us suspected all along – he’s a spoiled little 2nd grader who doesn’t have the internal wherewithal to stand like man when he loses.

Perhaps the NFL should fine him – Again

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there something in the rulebook about pushing a referee?  He was running out onto the field with one second left on the clock — the referee got in front of him to tell him the game was not over, and Belichick not only ignored him, he pushed the ref out of the way.  We saw it with our own eyes.  

This behavior has to stop. Last year at the end of a game the arrogant $#!+ literally grabbed a photographer by the collar and threw him out of the way — all because the Bully Billy wanted to talk to the other coach NOW.  Bully Billy the spoiled 2nd-grader.

Who lets this SOB get away with this crap? Someone needs to knock this sonofabitch off his insecurity horse and make him eat a little crow.  The nutrients might do him good.

Bill Belichick: Zero class. Zero sportsmanship. Zero respect from me.

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Gotta love Islamic law …

Gotta really love Islamic law.  In Afghanistan a reporter prints out copies of an article that ponders the question, “why can’t women have four husbands the same way men can have four wives?”  He circulates the article around to his colleagues. He’s then tried in a “court of law” for insulting Islam (a secret court, by the way), is not allowed a lawyer, and is sentenced to death.

And people who call themselves ‘tolerant’ tolerate this?


 PS. The article is here. Read it for yourself and then tell me that Islam could even be called a religion.  It’s a damn ideology, not a religion.

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America’s slide down the dogcrap pile: 1/10/08

It’s hard to describe my thoughts and emotions as I watch America descends down the dogcrap pile.  Here’s the latest absolute BALONEY (which, when eaten by a dog, becomes dogcrap):

1. A panel of three judges have decided that a movie about Hillary Clinton is advertising, and, as such, subject to campaign finance laws.  Way to go, McCain-Feingold.  Michael Moore can create all sorts of propaganda (advertising) “movies” and nothing happens. But focus your movie on a leftist, and ZAP!

2.  Unbelievably, the “leader of the free world,” who is supposed to represent our country’s friendship with Israel, has changed course.  Mr. Marionette has called for an end to “occupation” of Arab land. OMG, he’s lost it. Maybe he DID have too much cocaine and booze and his memory circuits are fried  — but more likely he’s just sucking up to the global elite to regain some of the many brownie points he’s lost.

3. According to the New York Times (my favorite paper for dogcrap training), Local ISP’s are going to start filtering content.

“Comcast, AT&T, EarthLink, or whoever you send that monthly check to – could soon start sniffing your digital packets, looking for material that infringes on someone’s copyright.”

Granted, the move is designed to capture people infringing on copyrights, but you can’t convince me otherwise that it’s just one slip on a dog pile away from “sniffing” every digital packet as they monitor “free speech.”  

Example: “We’re sorry sir, but those three words used in that order were used in that same order in a book copyrighted by _________. Your email message has been confiscated / deleted / reported / whatever.” 

If they can say a movie about Hillary Clinton is advertising, they can do this, too.

Believing the big wheel is in motion and cannot be stopped, lil’ ol’ fatalist me is simply a commentator on the sidelines. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I’ll keep yapping my lips like this until freedom of speech is no longer allowed.

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Would like your impressionable teenager to sleep in a tent with a homosexual?

Hey parents!  Do you want your teenage son to be camping with a scout leader who likes boys?  As in “likes boys A LOT?”

Look at what the Boy Scouts of America do:

They’re a private, non-profit organization that keeps THOUSANDS of kids off the street and focuses them on activities that make them productive members of society.

They teach kids to be self-sacrificing for the good of their community.

They teach kids to be honorable.

Why is it that so many are trying to force the scouts to accept (read: endorse) homosexuals within their ranks?

Sad that the Philadelphia city council is trying to jack around the scouts because the scouts won’t subscribe to endorsing a homosexual lifestyle.

Let’s just call it for what it is: Extortion.

 As a refresher for those who may not understand the meaning of the term:

Extortion:  the act of getting money, etc. by threats, misuse of authority, etc.:  sometimes applied to the exaction of too high a price

In 1927 the scouts were granted permission to use Philadelphia city property for the sum total of $1 per year …. the permission was to be indefinite.  Specifically, “in perpetuity.” As in FOREVER.

But now, because the scouts won’t endorse a homosexual lifestyle, the city is voiding their agreement and jacking up the price to $200,000 per year.

Can we find a comparison?

To get a clearer perspective on this, it’s always good to find a parallel comparison.  But on something as emotionally charged as someone’s sexual drive, it’s a bit tough.  So engage your BRAIN and think for a minute:

1. The city charges the private non-profit (PNP) boy scouts an inexpensive ‘rent’ of $1-per-year.  But because the PNP scouts don’t believe they should endorse homosexuality, the city wants to jack up the scouts’ rent to $200,000-per-year.

2. A food bank is also a private non-profit. What if a community had a vegetarian food bank?  First of all, would it make sense for the local beef farmers to sue them because the food bank was discriminating against the consumption of beef? 

Second, if the city were providing $1-per-year ‘rent’ to this PNP vegetarian food bank, should the city up the rent to $200,000-per-year just because the food bank doesn’t want to carry beef products?

Thinking differently

Much talk has been offered on BOTH sides of the homosexual issue regarding genetics.  Pro-homosexual arguments say it both ways:

a) It’s not genetic, I’m just a homosexual. Why can’t you just accept me the way I am?

b) It’s genetic — God made me this way — so how can you not accept me?

Those who believe homosexuality is wrong (quoting the biblical reference “It is an abomination”) also take both views, but for different reasons.

a) He’s chosen the homosexual lifestyle, and it’s wrong.

b) It’s genetic, and it is therefore an illness.

Let’s consider the last statement: What if homosexuality IS genetic? If so, couldn’t it be an illness?

Think of it this way: When a person is born with a congenital birth defect, don’t we try to fix it?

For example, the congenital birth defect Patent Ductus Arteriosus occurs when the shunt connecting the pulmonary artery and the aortic arch fails to close after birth. When this happens, the infant can experience shortness of breath and cardiac arrhythmia — and can end up with the child experiencing congestive heart failure if uncorrected.

The good news?  It’s totally treatable!

Now, name ANY genetic defect that you wouldn’t fix if it were fixable.

My point is this:

“IF” homosexuality were genetic


“IF” it is an illness

Wouldn’t you want it fixed?

Consider other genetic conditions:

Let’s say you knew of a man who was ADHD and had Tourette’s syndrome as well as Asberger’s syndrome. His recurring thought, as observed with people who have this combination of genetic conditions, is quite probably “hurt people. Choke them to death.”

These are genetic issues! Would you let your teenage son sleep in the same tent with this man on a weekend camping trip?  Would you want such a man leading a scout troop?  Would you even let the same person in your home to visit alone with your child?

Now, use your brain (and leave your libido out of it):

If homosexuality is genetic, would you really want a homosexual person sleeping with your impressionable teenage son in a tent?

All medical possibilities aside

Let’s even take the genetic possibilities out of the picture.  Most homosexuals (not all, but an overwhelming MOST), by their own admission, enjoy multiple partners. Therefore, they do not subscribe to an “honor” code. In fact, such behavior is not self-sacrificing, it is self-indulgent.

This alone goes against what the private, non-profit scouting organization stands for.

Why would any vegetarian food bank bring someone into their leadership (and example-setting / decision-making) ranks who encourages people to eat meat?

You wouldn’t expect a city to force a PNP vegetarian food bank to bring those people into its fold. And neither should they do the same to the Boy Scouts of America.


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