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Do I Believe My Heart or My Head?

Yep — no posts for a few months.

Emotionally, I’ve been through the old-style washing machine; the kind that has two rollers for squeezing the water out of your clothes.  Been trying to decide if I think this country is worth keeping anymore.  Why?

  • A subversive coup has taken place — with the approval of more than half the US population.
  • The media has totally sold out.  Do you think for a millisecond that the MSM would have allowed McCain to continue on his campaign without producing his birth certificate?
  • Many politicians have a passive-aggressive streak, but the president-elect is blatantly passive-aggressive. He even flaunts it.

Essentially, time is up. The Biblical ‘end times’ is upon us.  To borrow a phrase that was born out of the Bible, the writing is on the wall.  With that, my give-a-damn is in serious need of repair, and frankly I just don’t give a damn enough to fix it.

I’m juxtaposed between what’s in my heart (wanting to believe what I was taught — that the Constitution is actually worth something and the government actually works the way it’s supposed to) and what’s in my head (that the powers running things are hidden; that the US Government is simply actors in a big production number; that the country has become the proverbial boiled frog).

They did a good job in those government schools.  I believed it.  I really did.

And I still want to . . .

   . . . but I know better.

So I may venture in and out of this blog to bitch once in a while, but for the most part, I’m spending time reconciling my heart with my head;  Because although I WANT to believe my heart, I know better.


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The Passive-Aggressive Obama

This guy ‘s colors are really showing through.  The egotistic little boy from Illinois gets up and taunts the Republican ticket with lipstick and dead fish comparisons.  Even one of Hillary Clinton’s advisors said to take it as anything other than a direct insult to Palin and McCain is absurd.  But really, little boy Obama makes a “plausibly deniable” comment blasting Palin and McCain—and then this afternoon he tries to make it look like everyone else is playing outside the fair game rules except him with his “ENOUGH!” comment.

This behavior is right out of the passive-aggressive playbook.  

Yep — they cool cat can make great speeches.  He’s practiced at the art of reading the teleprompter.  But get him off the cuff and he’s stuttering and blundering his way through like any typical empty suit.

Any person who’s ever been set up as a target by a passive-aggresive manipulator ought to see this guy’s techniques for what they are — exactly that:  Passive-aggressive manipulation.

It is tremendously disturbing that more than 40 percent of the US population thinks this guy has enough maturity and intellectual capacity lead the country.  He is nothing but an egotistical little boy who has strategized very well how to climb fast to the top.  In strictly objective terms, he has ZERO leadership experience.

People who support him say they have hope for a better tomorrow— hell, we all have that hope.  But hope is not a strategy.  And this manipulative empty suit is not going to provide what people want, no matter how hard they want it. 

Wake up, people. He’s a passive-aggressive manipulator who’s going to continue lying and “MAKING STUFF UP” about himself as he goes along, just to get your vote. 

Don’t misunderstand — I’m not supporting McCain.  At all.  But Obama couldn’t give me enough money to buy his vote.  I would never vote for someone so slippery and passive-aggressive as this egotistical little boy from Illinois.

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Listen to Obama Say It Himself —

No need to check …. no need to ask your spouse, “Did he really say that?” The answer is “yes, he did.” And you can spend 90 seconds listening to him say it himself —- (by the way, listen carefully as he says “I don’t switch positions, and I don’t make promises that can’t be kept.”)

If the above does not play, you can watch it Right Here

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They want to preserve the right to murder

Be careful of what you wish for, you just may get it.  According to Wall Street Journal blogger Steven Waldman, the Democrats have been wanting a fired-up religious left for quite a while.  Well, now that one is emerging, it seems they might not like what’s happening as a result.

In a recent post by Waldman, it appears Mr. Tony Campolo (a rather loud and obnoxious left-wing evangelist) happens to be sitting on the Democrat’s platform committee.  He and another left-wing evangelical (Jim Wallis)  are pretty adamant about making a stink to get the wording changed in the Dem’s platform to seek an reduction in abortions.

The now famous phrase “a woman’s right to choose” was created in the effort to get abortion laws passed — Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the founders of NARAL, says as they were brainstorming catch-phrases to spin off to the media, they were laughing at the “woman’s right to choose.”  But it stuck.  This is, after all, America, where “Freedom of Choice” is a watchword.

However, eventually Nathanson came to realize that all the abortions he was performing was the taking of a human life.  Strangely, even women I know who advocate legal abortions acknowledge that it’s MURDER. But they still advocate it because of the “10,000 women who died each year from illegal abortions.”

Problem: Nathanson confessed they lied their asses off to the media: That in 1972, only 39 women died in this country from illegal abortions. But NARAL was putting out false info in their press releases that 10,000 women had died from illegal abortions. They knew the media would suck it up. And they did.

Puffery. Lies. Deceptions. Nobody bothered to check the facts. And they still don’t. They just want to preserve the right to MURDER innocent babies based on lies published by NARAL (follow the money, folks – the abortion industry generates over $500,000,000 in business each year) and spun out to the ears of the Jane Q. Public by a lazy media who would not verify NARAL’s numbers.

You want choice? The choice happens when a couple chooses to have sex.  That’s the choice. 

Any other choice is this: “Do I give this baby the gift of seeing the light of day, or do I MURDER it?”

PS.  Here are some interesting observations about the topic

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Barak Obama: A Bill of Goods … three truths about the lie

A bit of reflecting on the presumptive Democratic nominee:

The basic conclusion? We’re being “sold” a bill of goods.  The press has “conveniently” not followed certain stories that would have made any other candidate wisp away like a puff of smoke.

1.  The man has not done anything substantial in terms of “leadership.”  Seven years in the state senate of Illinois gives him no leadership experience other than to run a campaign.  Before that he did what?  And since then he’s been in the US Senate for only three years, and two of that has been spent ramping up his run for president.  Where’s the “leadership?”

2.  The man, apparently, is a liar.  At best he is not telling us the truth. In my post of June 25 last week I included a picture of the man dressed in Islamic garb standing with his half brother. He claims never to have been a practicing Muslim, but several of his family members say he used to attend the Mosque regularly. If the man were honest, he would tell us that he did, at one time, attend the Mosque with his family. And if he decided to follow Christianity instead, then he should tell us that. But he denies participating at the Mosque.

As I said – at best he is not telling the truth. But the real truth for us today is the mainstream media is saying NOTHING about this. Any other candidate would be ripped to shreds for not being open.

3.  The man’s place of birth and his citizenship is in question. Again, any other candidate would not be given such a free pass.  It appears likely, from evidence presented thus far, that he was NOT born into US citizenship according to the laws on the books at the time. The birth certificate his campaign has produced is missing the official seal of the State of Hawaii. The people in birth records in Hawaii are saying NOTHING.  If he has an actual, signed / sealed birth certificate, he should simply produce it and put the matter to rest. 

Instead, it gets swept under the rug and the mainstream press conveniently ignores the issue.


One possible reason (although there are probably many), is that if the press were to dig into this guy’s past to discover that he is NOT qualified to serve as President as outlined in the Constitution, then a whole lot of people have a whole lot of explaining to do. Besides, if it’s true that he’s not qualified:

    a) How did he get this far with nobody checking his credentials? 
    b) His entire staff would be viewed as gullible and inept.
    c) The entire US voting population would look duped.
    d) The US would look stupid in the eyes of the world.

No, even if the guy is not qualified to serve as outlined in the US Constitution, he’s going to get a pass because of the above.  Too high a price if the truth were made known now.

Sad, isn’t it?

The conclusion, again, is that we’re being sold a bill of goods.  The man lacks leadership. He lies to us. And, he’s probably not even qualified to serve in the position.  Yet the mainstream press blissfully ignores all this and lets it all sail on past.

The Princeton wordnet search tells us a “bill of goods” is a “communication, written or spoken, that persuades someone to accept something untrue or undesirable.”

I think that describes the presumptive Democratic nominee pretty well:  Untrue, and undesirable.


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Obama Update

Yesterday I posted about caring what the mainstream press tells us, because they are overlooking so many issues attached to the presumptive Democratic nominee.

I also mentioned that his most basic qualification to run for president – his US citizenship – is in question, but I neglected to provide a link for people to read for themselves.  Amazingly, it takes a newspaper outside the US to publish this story, but here it is

Read it yourself, and if you’re a US citizen, whether Democrat or Republican, ask yourself if the law of the land, the US Constitution, really matters to you at all.

We deserve to know the truth.

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Do we REALLY care?

Senator (first term US Senator) Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States.

People are comparing this guy to JFK.  Sorry.  No comparison.

JFK was a US Congressman for six years before he served six years as a US Senator.  This after seeing combat in the second World War as the skipper of a PT Boat.

Barak Ears Hussein Obama has been a US Senator for less than three years – with a year and a half of that spent prepping for his presidential bid.  Before that he served in the Illinois state senate for seven years.    (OOoooo.  Can’t you just feel the leadership?)

JFK put his life on the line in the Solomon Islands when skippering a PT boat during WWII, earning a purple heart (a REAL purple heart, Senator Kerry) and in 1944, a presidential medal of freedom.  He was a member of the Rotary Club, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

Barak Ears Hussein Obama has an unknown background in which he claims he was never a practicing Muslim.  But when pictures of the man start surfacing with him wearing a Islamic garb and his half-brother is saying that at one time, the man fully participated in Islamic services, one must wonder if the Junior Senator from Illinois is telling the truth.

We do know that the Senator from Illinois attended a church that was primarily interested in things African, not things American.  In fact, the leader of said church was unabashedly anti-American.

Some claim Barack “Ears” Hussein Obama was a college professor on Constitutional Law.  Sorry.   A “lecturer” on Constitutional Law does not make one a professor.

And then comes his qualifications to serve under the requirements set forth in the Constitution. This is yet another issue the main stream press is totally ignoring. It may be quite true that Barak Hussein Obama is not qualified, constitutionally, to serve as President of the United States.  He was born of parents who were not living long enough in the United States (in keeping with the laws on the books at the time) to qualify the young Obama as an official citizen.

But where it the media on this?


I could go on, buy why?  Why?  It does not seem that anyone really cares. We know for sure that the mainstream media DOES NOT CARE about this man’s deceptions. They just want anybody – – ANYBODY – – who does not have an “R” after his or her name to be elected President of the United States. 

I’m certainly not enamored with the Republican Party, but I am even less-thrilled with someone who his “minimally” qualified (at best) to step into the role of “leader of the free world.”

I guess the real question is, “Do we really care anymore?” Does anyone really care just WHY the USA became its own independent nation and separated itself from England?

When one observes the reporting from the main stream media, the answer is “apparently not.”



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