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You don’t want to laugh

Has anyone reading this actually seen the 16-minute video entitled Fitna?  If not, you need to.  (At the time of this writing, you can still view it on this page.)

While the West is reciting it’s parrot immitation “Islam is a religion of peace,” we have the Quran and it’s followers proclaiming death to all who do not turn to Islam.

It’s like, “You better start reciting the line that Islam is a religion of peace or we’re going to kill you.”

If you say this is an over-reaction, you seriously have your head up inside a dark cavity looking for your last meal.  Pull it out. Look.  Listen.

The Free Speech You Have Now Will Be Gone

 Do you really believe that once Islam controls a geographical area that they let “non-believers” continue their free speech?  On the contrary.  Those non-Islamic bleeeding hearts who currently support Islam will be killed.

 Oh, that it were not that way, but it is.  Every woman, every Christian, every homosexual, every Buddhist, every independent thinker — everyone! — Every non-Muslim will be forced to convert to Islam or be killed.

Believe me, those of us foretelling this do NOT want to laugh when it happens to say “we told you so.” 

Instead, we will certainly cry.  The freedom our parents, our grandparents, and our great-grandparents fought so hard to achieve will disappear simply because of a misguided view of tolerance. 

The TRUE Meaning of Tolerance

In a true sense of of tolerance, we certainly tolerate people who have differing views. But when it comes to how we defend and protect freedom, we draw a boundary and say “this is our policy; this is our Constitution – you shall not change it.”  And it’s because the Constitution guarantees tolerance that we defend it so fiercely.

How can it be inflammatory to Muslims if we simply cite their own religious book and play videos of what their Imams are saying (that those who are not Muslim shall and ought be killed)?  What kind of twisted logic agrees it’s inflammatory to a group to quote what the group believes?

 The misguided tolerance, kind. 

Believe me people – you do not want to laugh.  Draw a boundary. Stand up, or you shall surely be cut down. 

Again — if you’ve not yet seen the video, do so here.


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Okay, all you ‘tolerant’ people:

For everyone who wants to be tolerant and understanding toward our Militant Islamic neighbors on this planet — you know, just listen to them; understand them; when they see us listening they’ll stop all this anger and they’ll settle down (yes, THAT crowd) — please read this

Go ahead — read the article. And after you do, please answer me this:

Do you really think they’re going to let a “free speech” environment exist long enough for them to get past their “anger” phase?

PS — for those who want to say “this is just an isolated incident,” pull your head out of your ass and read something else beside and

How much tolerance is going to exist after these people walk up your sidewalk and demand you either convert to Islam or die?

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Gotta love Islamic law …

Gotta really love Islamic law.  In Afghanistan a reporter prints out copies of an article that ponders the question, “why can’t women have four husbands the same way men can have four wives?”  He circulates the article around to his colleagues. He’s then tried in a “court of law” for insulting Islam (a secret court, by the way), is not allowed a lawyer, and is sentenced to death.

And people who call themselves ‘tolerant’ tolerate this?


 PS. The article is here. Read it for yourself and then tell me that Islam could even be called a religion.  It’s a damn ideology, not a religion.

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Hilarious video on why we’re friends with Saudi Arabia

Breezing through Breibart this morning I came across this hilarious video. Just who this guy is — I don’t know. But I love the crisp dry humor. It’s a few minutes, but WELL worth it:

Vodpod videos no longer available. If vodpod isn’t working, view it here posted with vodpod

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Why Amerika is no longer America

The dream is gone.

 Over the last century, the elitists have been chipping away at the fiber of the American spirit. What we have now is a pile of lint. The Constitution? Mere paper. The elitists have found their ways to circumvent it.

Rule of Law? A thing of the past. Presidential Directives override laws created by Congress. Federal and state governments selectively choose which laws they will enforce–and which they will ignore.

We have students pledging allegience to the MEXICAN flag, while reciting a pledge to the US flag is deemed illegal by a US court.

We have Muslims telling us they’re going to cut off the heads of Britney Spears and Madonna if they don’t convert to Islam, and that’s okay. But we’re asking for World War III if anyone utters a bad word about Muhammed.

For example, take the Muslims killing Christians IN NIGERIA because someone IN DENMARK published a cartoon spoofing Muhammed.  We have WHACKOS defending this barbaric behavior, yet Kathy Griffin tells Jesus to “Suck it” and when people say they’re offended, she tells them to get a sense of humor. At WORST her speech is edited so the “offending” statement is not aired on Television.

We can’t have any kind of Christian prayer in school because of the “ALLEGED” separation of church and state, but now the Muslims are getting special rooms for prayer mats, are allowed to pray five times a day AT SCHOOL, and also get special accomodations for foot bathing.

We have Amerikan-based companies manufacturing their goods in Chinese sweat shops while almost all manufacturing has disappeared from between our shores–along with hundreds of thousands of jobs.

 By more than 2:1, the citizens of this country disapprove of how the President AND how Congress are doing their jobs.

We have career politicians–who make their living by grandstanding–telling a 4-star general he’s a failure, and advising him how to do his job.

We have waiters and office workers getting fired for putting themselves at risk in their attempts to save others.

You may think I’m just focusing on the negative.

In this post, yes, I am.  While I’m as positive and results-focused as can be in my day-to-day interactions, I’m also a REALIST, and I’m tired of being played as a pawn.

What do I mean? Watch this 14-minute interview with filmmaker Aaron Russo:

Amerika is no longer the America I thought I grew up in. And that’s REALLY sad.


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It’s a great example of Dog-Wagging

The 1998 film Wag the Dog (starring Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, and Anne Heche, among others) shows how EASY it is to manipulate public opinion “via television.”

Well, you can watch the real thing happening on CNN this week with Christiane Amanpour’s “documentary” (aka propaganda piece) entitled “God’s Warriors.”

This is Dog Wagging at its best.

This is also cause to use one of my favorite acronyms, WABOS.

The propaganda in this series is obvious to any balanced-thinking individual.  (read what might be included in a balanced approach.)

In fact, I think this Dog Wagging is so powerful, it goes beyond propaganda.  I think the real questions ought to be: Why is Christiane prostituting herself in this manner? Who is she doing this for? And for what in return?


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Some sick, sad truth that mainstream media ignores

I’ve never seen a twelve-year old boy take a machete and behead someone, moving the blade back and forth across a person’s throat as if using a saw.  At least I never did until I saw it on a video clip embedded in this post at Little Green Footballs.

Words cannot describe what you will see. . . what you will feel . . . after viewing this.

 The next time some FOOL idiot tries to tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, show them this video.  And then show them the comments by Muslims that follow, calling this unspeakable act a “blessed work.”

 Do not be fooled.  Islam advocates its followers adopt a capricious nature. Their own imams preach that Muslims should say “okay, peace” as long as they are in the minority or at a disadvantage.  To appear as they are blending with community around them.  Only to rise up and institute Islamic law (such as what you see on that video clip) as soon as they are able to do so victoriously.

I’ve read too much from Muslims who have decided to turn away from the violence . . . I’ve seen too many video clips of willing confessions about what really goes on behind the scenes.  We know the truth from their boastful, sick videos and from the confessions of those who have turned away from the barbarism.

They call this civilization?

I don’t know which is sadder or sicker: The fact that Islam advocates deception and barbaric, public executions committed by 12-year olds, or the fact that our mainstream media ignores it.

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