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Belichick now owes us two apologies

During Belichick’s press conference the other day, someone asked about his leaving the game early.  What did we get?  Here are his words:  

“Basically, on that last play I wasn’t really sure of the time,” Belichick said. “Everybody started onto the field and then I got over there. I wanted to congratulate Tom … on the championship. They deserved it. There really wasn’t much left at that point.”

That quote, taken from February 7 article in the  Hartford Courant, is not only a lie, it’s insulting.  Let’s look at three key points:

1.  “I wasn’t really sure of the time.”

Bullpucky. We watched on national television as the referee stopped Belichick while he was en route to “congratulate” Coughlin.  I don’t think he was asking Belichick if he wanted to do coffee together after the game.

2.  “Everybody started onto the field and then I got over there.”

Bill Belichick, head coach, the guy responsible for leading his team and the guy who has authority over everything that happens on his side of the field, suddenly becomes a follower of the masses?  This comes straight out of Childish Behavior 101:  “Everybody else was going so I went, too.”

What happened to the idea of leadership? Hey Billy! Show some respect for the game’s rules (oops, sorry — forgot about the videotape thing) and stand firm.  Tell your people to get back on the sideline — that the game is not over yet.  You are the head coach, remember?

By making this lame excuse, Belichick makes himself out to be a lemming.  But he’s not a lemming. He’s an immature bully who won’t take responsibility for his own irresponsible behavior.

3.  “There really wasn’t much left at that point.”

Not much left of what? Belichick’s integrity? His pride? His ability to think?  On 18 previous occasions this season, there “wasn’t much left” at the end of the game for opposing team’s coaches, yet they managed to stick around. 

It is unfathomable that Belichick let his players absorb the humiliation of a loss while he scampered off to the locker room.  There wasn’t much left at that point for them, either, but they still had the integrity to finish the game.

Essentially, Belichick is offering us a sorry excuse for an excuse.  In it, he lies, he blames others, and he’s so self-centered he can’t see how his actions affect other people.

Now he not only owes us an apology for leaving the field early, he also owes us an apology for lying to us and thinking we’re stupid enough to accept his lame, childish line of bull.  Shame on Belichick for giving it, and shame on the NFL and the sporting community for accepting it.


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Video of Belichick shoving a photographer

In case anyone forgot, Little Billy Belichick (perhaps it should be ‘Bully Belichick’) thinks he has the right to shove people around.

Is he afraid people won’t respond to a request? He’s the freakin’ head coach of an NFL team! All he has to do is tap the photog on the shoulder and the photog would move in a heart beat.

But no, Little Billy has to be a bully. See for yourself —

By the way: After Belichick ‘hugs’ Mangini and walks away, notice how he shoves people aside.   A real classless chump . . .

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

This moron not only needs to fined, suspended, whatever, he needs a personality transplant. 

I like what I read on another blog this morning — “Leave, Belichick!  You’re ruining my favorite game!”  Why the NFL does nothing to discipline this guy is beyond me.

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Bill Belichick – Zero Sportsmanship

Mike Beas, a reporter in Anderson, Indiana, has some EXCELLENT insights about Pats coach Bill Belichick.

I’ve been looking for something good to say about Belichick as person.  Plenty of good coaching skills – no problem there. Or maybe it’s good cheating skills mixed with above-mediocre coaching skills.

Regardless, have you ever seen such a classless ass in professional sports? 

When Randy Moss ran off the field as his team was lining up for a kick, he got skewered in the press.  But when insecure little Billy runs to the locker room because his team lost while his players have to go out and set up for the final play, it gets swept under the rug. It’s downright pathetic.

Are the announcers afraid little Bully Belichick isn’t going to allow them access to his hallowed locker room?  Gutless.

Belichick owes us all an apology

I played football in high school.  If my coach was so emotionally small that he left the sidelines while we lined up for the last play of a losing game, I would not have played for him.  We were a TEAM – even when we lost.  Any coach that leaves the sidelines like Belichick did has absolutely no class, no professionalism, and no integrity.

Belichick owes an apology to his team, AND to the NFL.  He owes an apology to all of us. His behavior is an embarrassment.

Beas makes some great points in his article.  Belichick should have been out there on the field congratulating the other team. That would have shown some class — some integrity.  Some respect for the sport of football and the tradition of the Superbowl. Instead he confirmed what many of us suspected all along – he’s a spoiled little 2nd grader who doesn’t have the internal wherewithal to stand like man when he loses.

Perhaps the NFL should fine him – Again

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there something in the rulebook about pushing a referee?  He was running out onto the field with one second left on the clock — the referee got in front of him to tell him the game was not over, and Belichick not only ignored him, he pushed the ref out of the way.  We saw it with our own eyes.  

This behavior has to stop. Last year at the end of a game the arrogant $#!+ literally grabbed a photographer by the collar and threw him out of the way — all because the Bully Billy wanted to talk to the other coach NOW.  Bully Billy the spoiled 2nd-grader.

Who lets this SOB get away with this crap? Someone needs to knock this sonofabitch off his insecurity horse and make him eat a little crow.  The nutrients might do him good.

Bill Belichick: Zero class. Zero sportsmanship. Zero respect from me.

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