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Has Joe Biden had a face lift?

Is Joe looking stretched?

Is Joe looking stretched?


I was cruising Drudge earlier this evening and saw this rather fierce face of J. Biden.  He was looking REALLY mean (I was shaking in my boots) until I realized maybe it wasn’t mean that I saw …. maybe it was a facelift.

Take a close look.  After all — If Jabberin’ Joe will get hair transplants, maybe he gets facelifts, too.

Granted – I know this isn’t a campaign issue, so don’t start.  It’s just that … well, … Maybe Joe and Joan Rivers have the same doctor?



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Who is paying for the poll about putting Hillary in the VP slot?

Behind the scenes, Democrats are seriously wondering about replacing Biden with Hillary.  I certainly don’t know who is paying for it, but William Arnone, who does “strategic positioning” out of NY is calling Hillary supporters who find BO offensive (pun intended) in a poll to find out if they will vote Obama if Biden is dropped and Hillary is brought on (see post from The Confluence).

It would be far-fetched to believe the “R” camp would shell out the money for such a poll.  No … it’s got to be someone in the “D” camp footing the bill.  Is it the BO division (pun intended), or perhaps a different group of “D’s” who don’t want to lose the White House AGAIN?   We may have the answer soon….

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