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Which phrase describes Obama best? Cast your vote now!

At Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama’s recent Indiana rally he “misspoke” again — talking about the “the bomb” at Pearl Harbor. 


Well, as I was watching the YouTube clip, I noticed his podium had a sign that read: Judgment to Lead.  Well, if it’s not true through his experience or his examples, at least they can put it on a sign. But I thought it would be fun to photoshop a few different signs and see which one the readers like best. 

In other words, which phrase do you think describes the presumptive Democratic nominee, despite questions about his citizenship going unanswered?

Take a look, and in the comments section, tell us which one you think describes him best, and why.

Is it A:

A - No Capacity to Lead

A - No Capacity to Lead

 Is it B:

B - Judgment to Hell

B - Judgment to Hell

OR — is it C:

C - Head Formed of Lead

C - Head Formed of Lead

Which gets your vote, and why?


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