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Barak Obama: A Bill of Goods … three truths about the lie

A bit of reflecting on the presumptive Democratic nominee:

The basic conclusion? We’re being “sold” a bill of goods.  The press has “conveniently” not followed certain stories that would have made any other candidate wisp away like a puff of smoke.

1.  The man has not done anything substantial in terms of “leadership.”  Seven years in the state senate of Illinois gives him no leadership experience other than to run a campaign.  Before that he did what?  And since then he’s been in the US Senate for only three years, and two of that has been spent ramping up his run for president.  Where’s the “leadership?”

2.  The man, apparently, is a liar.  At best he is not telling us the truth. In my post of June 25 last week I included a picture of the man dressed in Islamic garb standing with his half brother. He claims never to have been a practicing Muslim, but several of his family members say he used to attend the Mosque regularly. If the man were honest, he would tell us that he did, at one time, attend the Mosque with his family. And if he decided to follow Christianity instead, then he should tell us that. But he denies participating at the Mosque.

As I said – at best he is not telling the truth. But the real truth for us today is the mainstream media is saying NOTHING about this. Any other candidate would be ripped to shreds for not being open.

3.  The man’s place of birth and his citizenship is in question. Again, any other candidate would not be given such a free pass.  It appears likely, from evidence presented thus far, that he was NOT born into US citizenship according to the laws on the books at the time. The birth certificate his campaign has produced is missing the official seal of the State of Hawaii. The people in birth records in Hawaii are saying NOTHING.  If he has an actual, signed / sealed birth certificate, he should simply produce it and put the matter to rest. 

Instead, it gets swept under the rug and the mainstream press conveniently ignores the issue.


One possible reason (although there are probably many), is that if the press were to dig into this guy’s past to discover that he is NOT qualified to serve as President as outlined in the Constitution, then a whole lot of people have a whole lot of explaining to do. Besides, if it’s true that he’s not qualified:

    a) How did he get this far with nobody checking his credentials? 
    b) His entire staff would be viewed as gullible and inept.
    c) The entire US voting population would look duped.
    d) The US would look stupid in the eyes of the world.

No, even if the guy is not qualified to serve as outlined in the US Constitution, he’s going to get a pass because of the above.  Too high a price if the truth were made known now.

Sad, isn’t it?

The conclusion, again, is that we’re being sold a bill of goods.  The man lacks leadership. He lies to us. And, he’s probably not even qualified to serve in the position.  Yet the mainstream press blissfully ignores all this and lets it all sail on past.

The Princeton wordnet search tells us a “bill of goods” is a “communication, written or spoken, that persuades someone to accept something untrue or undesirable.”

I think that describes the presumptive Democratic nominee pretty well:  Untrue, and undesirable.



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