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Associate the Clintons with voter fraud? NOOOOO!

My January 9 post the day after the New Hampshire primary listed details on “circumstantial evidence” surrounding Clinton’s win in that state.

And now – as reported in the New York Post – some district in the New York primary results show Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama with ZERO votes.

I don’t care WHO the candidate is — put Albert Kwazakie McDonnahey Chewbustion on a ballot and SOMEBODY is going to vote for the guy.

You wanna stretch it? Sure — let’s say in ONE district, everybody gets wet in their panties over Hillary Clinton, and Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama gets zero votes.

But 80 districts?!?  80????


Heaven help us.


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Dear Mr. ‘Ears’ Obama — if you feel you should pay more taxes, it’s a free country. Go ahead.

When the Democratic presidential wanna be Barak “Ears” Hussein Obama says he deserves to pay more taxes, hey–It’s a free country. I see no reason anyone should hold him back from paying more than what the federal tax code says he should. If elementary schools can hold bake sales and contribute the money to pay down the national debt, “Ears” Hussein Obama should be able to contribute as well.

We don’t care what ‘Ears’ Hussein Obama does behind closed doors with his checkbook.  We just don’t want him forcing his beliefs on us.

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